Learn To Double Your Income Without Asking Your Boss For A Pay Rise

Abby works as a retail assistant. Her salary is S$1,600 a month. But in just 12 months her income shot up to S$3,210 a month!

Sheryl is a Filipino S-Pass holder. She earns S$2,280 a month in Singapore. But in just 8 months, her monthly income shot up to

Like Abby and Sheryl, Zulkifli earns a monthly salary of S$2500. After 12 months, his monthly income averages S$5300!

The table above shows their income earned over a 12 month period from July 2015 to June 2016.

That's a huge jump in their annual income in just one year, wouldn't you agree?

Which insane employer would double or triple an employee's salary in such a short span of time? 

Here's the truth .......

We paid them. 

Effortless Income

Abby, Sheryl and Zulkifli are now used to receiving two sources of income.

One from their boss.

The other from us.

We pay into their respective bank account every 5th of the month!

Now, it's not for free. Each of them earns their just reward! 

The difference between they and you is they found an effortless way to make extra money.

No learning required of them.

No selling required of them.

No risk to their current job.

In other words, in addition to the salary they get from their respective employment from the company they work for, they are earning additional income from us.

Now, they did not use their working hours to earn this income.

Nor did they have to sacrifice hours after work just to earn this income.

Isn't this unbelievably amazing? 

Does it NOT sound too good to be true?

Please read on........ 

The Most Promising Passive Income Stream In Singapore!

If you are a Singaporean, you will never find a better money-making opportunity than joining us as a AHIcampaigner.

In the last 12 months since we recruited AHIcampaigner by word-of-mouth, we have shared profits with office executives to retail executives, receptionists to retail shop assistants, taxi drivers to Grabcar/Uber drivers.

Each of them has seen their income grown faster than their salary.

Now, your opportunity to join our growing pool of AHIcampaigners is not going to last forever. Once, we reach 500 AHIcampaigners, we close the door.

Why are we doing this?

This is to ensure that AHIcampaigners are able to maximise their income potential in the Singapore market.

S-Pass Employment Holders

If you are Filipino holding a S-Pass work permit in Singapore, you won't find another opportunity quite like this!

Filipinos working in Singapore are starting to learn from us a smarter way to double their income without waiting for their boss to give them a pay rise.

How is it that they were able to double their income without putting their job at risk and without having to spend additional time outside of their daily employment to make the extra income?

The reason is simple:

  • They work at retail malls in Singapore.
  • Their job is to give away our $1.25 idea to shoppers within the shopping mall that they work in.

Simple. Do-able. Effortless.

20 shoppers a day. No more than 5 minutes a day. For 2 months.

At the shopping mall where they work.

That's all it takes to give away our $1.25 idea.

Abby works at a fashion retail store. Sheryl works at the Information Booth. And Zulkifli works at a travel luggage store. None of them gives away our $1.25 idea while they are working at their respective jobs.

Instead, the 5 minutes that they spend to give away our $1.25 idea was during break times, or upon arriving for work or just after finishing work. During this time, while they are still in the shopping mall, they give away our $1.25 idea. 

In just 5 minutes each day!

That's how each of them doubled his/her income.

We do the rest of the work for them.

With just their email and bank account, we help them double their income in 12 months. It's that simple. 

And that's how promising our $1.25 idea is in helping Singaporeans and Filipinos grow a passive income stream.

But this is only the icing on the cake!

Their income keeps growing for life!

Lifetime Income

As a Singaporean, the grim reality of losing your job and income some day makes it extremely important that you give thought to how you can fall back on an income.

If you are a filipino, at some point, you will return back to the Philippines unless you are given a PR or New Citizen.

Regardless of where you will be in the future, if you have already started on giving away our $1.25 idea in your time in Singapore, you will have built for yourself potential lifetime income.

In other words, we keep paying into your bank account in the Philippines incomes that you have repeatedly generated as a result of your past efforts in giving away our $1.25 while in Singapore.

You Are Invited!

While this page remains live and active, we are still open to recruiting AHIcampaigners. As mentioned above, once we achieved 500 AHIcampaigners, we will take down this invitation.

There is no barrier to entry whatever your age or education. There is no learning or selling required of you.

Your goal is to give away our $1.25 idea.

That's all you do.

Can this be any easier and simpler.

To learn more about AHIcampaigner and how you can build an income for life, request a meeting by submitting the form below.

All submissions are treated as private and confidential. Hence, we do not disclose your information to others.

And you are under no obligation to join us if you are not convinced of the profit potential accorded to every AHIcampaigner.

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