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Don't cave in to "Attention Scarce Syndrome
November 24, 2009

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Nov 2008 Special Issue #5

In this issue:

1. Attention Scarce Syndrome

2. Website updates.

1) Attention Scarce Syndrome

It's becoming a rarity these days to receive undivided attention from anyone.

Have you ever say "Hi!" to a friend and before you can say a few words to him, he says he's in a hurry?

Or what about calling someone on his mobile, and you are told in a harried fashion he will call back but didn't.

Or maybe you see this in yourself. The moment you are finished with your day's work at the office, all you want is to be left alone. You will resist, avoid or shun anyone or anything that wants your attention.

What has happened?

Your capacity to give attention has become scarce. You mind will not entertain anymore input from the outside world.

You are overwhelmed.

Your mental energy has become depleted.

You suffer from a syndrome called "Attention Scarce Syndrome".

This is not a disorder. It is NOT the same as "Attention Deficit Disorder".

Nevertheless, it is a psychological dis-ease that has afflicted people in the developed economies.

People are time-pressured. People have to multi-task. People have over-committed themselves in so many activities.

The result?

You have desensitized yourself from any stimuli. You lose your sense of awareness of yourself and environment.

You lose emotional control and balance.

Life is driving you insane.

If this is happening to you, start to regain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

A way is offered you and does not demand your effort but does require that you stick to it for 6 months. Listen to the Brain Evolution System upon waking up or just before sleep for 30 mins a day.

I assure you it will be one of the most important investment in your personal well-being to giving life back to yourself.

If anyone had come to me with this technology 25 years ago, I will gladly pay through my nose to acquire this.


Because I discover that while it has taken me 5-8 years of concentrated effort before I could experience the benefits of disciplined meditation, Brain Evolution System can deliver the same benefits within weeks of listening.

Brain science has not only demystify meditation and remove completely all the misconceptions associated with meditation but has discovered a technological breakthrough to achieving whole brain functioning.

2) Website updates

1. Damai Vacation; Dharma Inspiration .

2. Effects of brainwave entrainment on stress & aging.

3. A testimonial on Brain Evolution System .

Aloysius & Joanna

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