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the best gift you can give yourself and your family.
November 03, 2009

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Nov 2009 special issue #04

In this issue:

1. The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

2. Website updates.

1) Brain Evolution System -
The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself.

You must have difficulty recalling when was the most recent time you gotten a newsletter from me. Well, it's almost 17 months!

And it's all the good. I do my best to ensure that each newsletter you get, is NOT just news-worthy but MORE importantly, LIFE-WORTHY.

There has been shifts in my awareness - awakenings if you may want to call them. These awakenings have brought about positive physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual changes. And I share them with you here....

I had created "Life Path DNAgetics" and "Re-inventing Your Life" online programs. The latter is FREE! You can read them below in website updates.

But what I created is NOT the most important. What is REALLY the most important is how these positive changes come about and how each and everyone can also experience their own positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes.

What has brought about an acceleration in my personal growth - creativity, insight and connectedness with life - these past 30 months is owing to the use of a neuro-technology tool called brainwave entrainment.

I had benefited so much from listening to this audio cd program daily that for almost a year and a half, I dreamed to own the reseller rights to the Asia Pacific markets for this program. I have finally been awarded it this year!

And now, you can read about it here. But don't just read about it. Buy it from And because I know you will benefit it immensely, I have no hesitation in saying this:

"If you promise to listen to it for 30 minutes a day for 3 months, and decide you have NOT benefited from your use of it, return the program to me. I will refund you 100%."

2) Website updates

1. Brain Evolution System

2. Great Story of Life

3. Life Path DNAgetics.

4. Re-inventing Your Life

5. Healing hands; healing touch

6. Pleasurable...Deeply Relaxing...Slimming Body Massage Oil

Aloysius & Joanna

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