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learn energy secrets to wellness.
December 17, 2007

....ease-zine to a wellness way of life

Wellnessway brings to you "wellness way series" - inspiration from the voice of true experience.

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December 2007 issue #02

In this issue:

1. Wellness Way Series - introduction to energy secrets.....

2. Website updates.

3. Coming up in the next issue....

1) Energy secrets to rejuvenation....

You are more than your physical body. Learn energy secrets that restore vitality back to you.

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The wellnessway series is the culmination of our 20 years exploration, pursuit culled from teachings from our teachers of life. They are for YOU - our valued subscribers.

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2) Website updates

***Make a date with Edwin Carl Smith. It could well be one of the most rewarding experience in your life.

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3) In the next issue of wellnessway....

Sleep...seems everyone's not getting enough of it. Read what will help.

See you in next issue...

Aloysius & Joanna

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