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stress proof your life through your ears!
June 08, 2008

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June 2008 issue #03

In this issue:

1. Wellness Way Series - A Wellness Revolution.....bridging science and spirituality

2. Website updates.

3. Coming up in the next issue....

1) A Wellness Revolution....bridging science & spirituality

We continue what we left off in the last issue: energy secrets - part 2. Here you practice an exercise that is the foundation of wellness. What ancient teachers knew intuitively, modern science is beginning to uncover: The Zero Point Energy Field.

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2) Website updates

***It's been a long 6 months since our last newsletter. I have to apologize. But it is neccessary for the reason of this two next articles:

1. How you can stress proof your life !

2. Sleep your way to rejuvenation !

An experience that I had gave rise to a relentless search for what would help all of us cope with stress in life and improve our quality of sleep. The result was 5 months of trial.

Here you get the benefit of what I have discovered and experienced.

3) In the next issue of wellnessway....

Feed Your Genes Right...If you like what you are reading on stress proof your life , look out for what I am going to be sharing with you on a wonderful product I am using now.

The jury is still out on it. It's still too close to call. But you can be sure. If it takes this long for our newsletter, it means we are our own guinea pigs first even though we may have learned from others how good something is.

See you in next issue...

Aloysius & Joanna

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