Bio Energy Medicine: Restoring Health & Vitality At The Quantum Level

Is bio energy testing an alternative to blood testing?

Does it provide accurate diagnosis as those coming from blood analysis?

The jury is still out.

Despite that, its application in the field of bio energy medicine (BEM) is gaining interest among doctors and practitioners.

Based on quantum physics, BEM uses biofeedback technology device to scan your energy fields. Within minutes, your bio-energetic data is displayed on a computer screen.

The scan generates more information than a blood test. It can detect certain hormones that blood test fail to show. It detects your brainwave frequencies.

Hence, it’s popularity as a bio-feedback tool for stress detection and reduction, and for improving brain functions.

Yet, it cost 3 times cheaper than a blood test.

A BEM test cost 20 000 baht at S Medical Spa. At Wellness Life Centre at Bumrungrad Hospital, a blood test cost 70 000 baht.

Optimal State of Wellness

Imagine having a window to your body of 100 trillion cells.

Discover if they are functioning at optimum levels.

Determine what pre-emptive steps to take to achieve desired levels.

That’s the potential of Bio Energy Medicine.

You can optimize your health and wellness.

You can pre-empt the onset of chronic pain.

You can prevent illness or disease from manifesting.

Imagine arresting those factors that contribute to un-natural aging – the biomarkers of aging – and taking steps to restore youthfulness and vitality back to your life.

While my right brain marveled at the benefits of BEM, my left brain remained guarded as to their accuracy.

I had to witness this diagnostic tool for myself.

So my wife booked an appointment with Dr. Pakpilai for a BEM test.

bio energy testShe has connectors strapped to her head, wrists and ankles.

These are then connected to a biofeedback device.

The scan took no more than 10 minutes. Within that time, some 10 000 items were registered.

The consultation with Dr. Pakpilai lasted 2 hours.

What she shared was comprehensively revealing. But it is just not possible to cover every minute detail in just that one session.

Even less so with what we can write here.

Here are just snippets of what the test does show:

  • Sensitivities to foods, pathogens or pollutants
  • Heavy metals
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Hydration & Oxygenation
  • Metabolism
  • Organ function
  • Alkaline/acid balance
  • Toxicity
  • Risk profile
  • Emotional blockages
  • Trauma
  • Spinal

The test results for Joanna showed overall healthy results in most areas governing cellular and brain functions.

It detected good energy flow, metabolism and alkaline level. Joanna generally eats healthily with lots of fruits and vegetables.

However, the reading showed she is high on yeast and bad bacterial. Now, that could be attributed to her high consumption of bread!

While overall indicators are good, the test warned about risk of degeneration to cell vitality and weak immunity.

This is curiously interesting because it infers that she can be consuming lots of fruits and vegetables or good nutrients but the body may not necessarily absorb them well.

So while she was NOT short of anti-oxidants from the food she takes, it may well be the case that she wasn't getting sufficient Glutathione(GSH), pronounced as gloota-thigh-on or gloota-thigh-own.

Furthermore, it highlighted that she has to pay attention to managing her stress as this is the more likely factor that warned of cell degeneration.

Her body registered low on hydration. She realizes now that her daily average of 4-6 glasses of water isn’t enough.

She was not getting enough of certain ‘B’ vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, folic acid and iron and the essential fatty acids.

Hormone levels showed unbalance ratio between estrogen and progesterone.

Bio energy scan showed tendency to nervous anxiety.

It also detected a cervical problem as well as pointed to a trauma experienced three years ago.

Joanna is aware of her neck problem, suffered from a car accident many years ago.

On the trauma, she could not relate to any one event during that period but there were the usual one or two stressors but certainly those could not be described as traumatic.

Joanna’s biological age showed up to be 6 years younger than her chronological age. You could see the glee on her face!

I guess this was more important to her than all the other results.

Dr. Pakpilai shared that in the general, Joanna’s bio-energetic readings are generally good but the area that could be causing a disbalance in her biochemistry is her mind.

She ought to manage her anxieties through activities like relaxation and meditation and with taking supplements to balance her nutrient deficiencies.

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