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- The Field of Bodyworks -

They are better known as practitioners in the field of bodyworks.

Bodyworkers are therapists with intuitive appreciation of our human energy system. Their massage techniques involve breathwork, accupoint, manipulative, deep tissue and touch therapy.

Clients not only feel relaxed physically. Therapeutic benefits extend all the way to mental and emotional health.

Massage therapists in most spas are good technically but few take their technical ability to merge with therapeutic sensitivity.

When they do achieve that, they rise to the level of bodyworkers.

So if you want a pampering relaxing massage, spas generally offer that. But if you want MORE, you will be lucky to find one in your midst at the spa.

If you find yourself somewhat changed - physically, mentally and emotionally - after a few sessions of a massage, you are most likely touched by a gifted therapist!

These bodyworkers are abundant almost everywhere but are seldom present at the spas!

Their commercial space and voice are rather less visible and muted unless you knew of them through the grapevine.

This had been the status quo until a group of us that made up the now defunct "Creation Media Pte Ltd" gave birth to the "Be." magazine, and ushered into Singapore the first culturally “Be. Inspired! Holistic Festival 2000” at Suntec City in Oct 2000.

Since then, I have not witnessed any such event of that magnitude that brought about the convergence of culturally rich and diversified community of healing art practitioners from all over the world that mark that great event!

Without a doubt, a lot of these practitioners have come a long way. Their status have improved over the years.

Some have thrived. However, for others, it has remained quite a journey whose passion for wellness and healing art kept them on.

Their self-assured yet humble therapeutic practice in an obscure location is not one borne out of eccentricity.

Rather, the bigger boys, such as those in the domain of the medical and pharmaceutical, and for that matter the big commercial spas, out-muscle them in every area except in the realm of healing and wholeness where all are equal in the expression of manifest health and wellness.

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