Being Fully Alive to Life

The way to being fully alive leads you directly to what I call the Original Self, which is the primordial self, the ancient self whose functions and awareness we have repressed for reasons I will explain below.

So let’s get familiar with something real that is closer than the air you breathe - the Original Self

Our Original Self is a self of vast awareness/intelligence and energy/power.

Our Original Self, however, is more than something we used to be and have since abandoned. It is also something we have yet to become.

The Original Self is the core of who we are and the blueprint for what we can become.

We can never be rid of our Original Self. But we can, and we have, ignored it and limited its intelligence and power.

The choices we have made collectively/culturally over the last several thousand years, and that we continue to make to this day, have created beings of limited awareness, intelligence, and power.

And we have created an outer world to match that inner world. We have rejected who we are, in order to become who we wanted to be.

The result......?

We are today only shadows of our Original Self, of who we are capable of being.

The Experience of Being Fully Alive

The Original Self experiences the world in a truly unique way. You probably have never experienced the world that way. It is the experience of being fully alive, filled with life, and living in a world that is also fully life.

The experience of being fully alive is so rare that we call it a peak experience. We describe it as divine, extraordinary, wondrous, glorious, magical, or enchanting.

Being full of life in a world that is fully alive is so different from our ordinary shared experience that we typically associate it with being in a different reality, a different world, time, or dimension of consciousness.

Being fully alive is the quality of experience we associate with heaven. When, in some rare moment, you feel the impact of being fully alive, you think heaven has come to earth. And so it has....

Being fully alive in this world is the extra-ordinary experience of heaven on earth. The quality of that experience, the nature of that life, is available to you now, in this world; not in some other time, place, or dimension, but here and now.

That is what I offer you, the chance to be filled with life, if you have the courage to accept the offer. We think that non-ordinary states, exceptional moments, rare insights, peak, divine, or mystic experiences, are inexplicable, miraculous exceptions to the condition of ordinary life.

They are indeed! But it does not need to be that way.

Heaven on earth can be your ordinary and daily experience of life. But to experience ordinary life as heaven on earth, you must be fully alive, filled with life. Right now, you are struggling to just survive your experience of life. You are struggling to control your experience of life. Either way, the fullness, the joyful, easy, heavenly, nature of life, eludes you.


The Fear of Being Fully Alive

Right now, your experience of life is fundamentally limited and so fundamentally untrue.

What limits your experience of life?

You do.

For all sorts of reasons, in all sorts of ways, your experiences are controlled by choices that reflect a single motivation:

Fear of life, fear of being full of life, of being alive to life.

I am not talking about fear of death. Most people are afraid of death. No one really wants to die. And many of us have learned not to fear death. There is a lot of power in that sort of fearlessness, but there is a deeper fear among human beings. It is so common and prevalent it haunts and controls the lives even of those who have no fear of death. That fear is the fear of life, the fear of being fully, uncontrollably, immersed in life.

For as long as human beings have lived, we have typically experienced life on earth as fearsome. So much so, that fear of life, anxiety about being alive, the uncontrollable nature of life, coupled with the difficulties of survival, have all found their way into our stories, our myths, our philosophies, our daily thoughts and emotions.

Human beings are saturated in the fearsomeness of life. The fear of life haunts us. That fear runs so deep, and it is so common, we usually fail to notice it. And when we do notice it, we dismiss it because, after all, what can you do about it?

Before you can do anything about it, you must acknowledge it is there, controlling every moment of your life. You can observe your own life to find the truth of this, or you can go to someone who can see this pattern in themselves and so point out the times and ways in which your life is limited by your fear.

But that is just a place to begin.

Self-awareness just offers a rationale to change. It merely proves the point that your experience of life is limited by your fear of life. It proves you have only experienced what life is like when you fear it.

You have no idea of what life is like, or can be like, without that fear; except perhaps in moments of divine ecstasy, in moments when life manages to break through your fear and you experience briefly what is always here: the glory, wonder, and magic of life when you are filled with life.

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