Living Your Dream Through Health & Wellness

It seems obvious that our lives are not organized around health and wellness. Instead, our lives are organised around efforts.

For many, life is a continual activity of one effort after another, mostly yielding little success.

The proper understanding and use of your personal wellness is key to living your dream, your life purpose.

When your goals and dreams are organised around health and wellness, you experience more than just personal satisfaction, joy and fulfillment.

You experience being fully alive to life!

On the contrary, the very driven efforts you use to achieve your goals and dreams come with the price of degenerating into decreasing vitality and the loss of joy

Our best efforts to live in wellness are efforts because we live in a world that is fundamentally unhealthy and stressful - a world in pursuit of instant self gratification and self-centreness.

If our world was already healthy, becoming or remaining in wellness would be effortless. This is not an overstatement.

Whatever remains unhealthy long enough, dies. Of course, everything dies eventually, but when your entire lifespan is an effort to accommodate a gradual descent into unhealthiness, then it can only be said you were never truly alive.

The price you pay for failing to organize your life around wellness (inwardly and outwardly) is a life that is unnecessarily foreshortened and that never fulfills its promise.

Life becomes a drama of decreasing possibilities until the only possibility left is illness and death.

Our common pursuit for achievement and success generally has its fundamental basis on an inward or outward pressure on the mind.

There is an over-emphasis on the mind.

The result….?

You control and limit awareness of the power of your self ……

Which in turn causes dysfunctional behaviors and decreasing health and vitality.

Would you pay such a heavy price as trade off for your success when there is a joyous way to do so?

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