Life Stages & Realities

Historically, the developmental life stages of childhood and adolescence have been the basis for all societies and cultures.

You experience each developmental stage not as a phase but as a self and world that are whole and complete in themselves. Thus, it is only after you move to the next stage that you realize the limitations of the prior developmental stage.

Each developmental stage is itself a paradigm of reality, an internally consistent way of understanding, knowing, relating to, and acting in the world.

When you move from one life stage to the next, reality appears to change, when in fact it is you that changed.

Each life stage uses the prior stage as its foundation. Nothing is lost from the prior stage, but everything about it is transformed when incorporated into the next stage.

Thus, you live in one reality as one kind of person when you are developing as a child. You live in a different reality as a different kind of person when developing as an adolescent. You live in a still different reality as a different kind of person when developing as an adult.

A developmentally complete individual effectively lives three different lives as three different selves in three different realities.

You have a sense of continuity between them but that does not alter the fact that you have evolved dramatically between childhood and maturity.

As you might have guessed by now, there are only three possible patterns of life or paradigms of reality you can live. You can live as children, adolescents, or adults.

This means there are only three ways human beings can organize their world and relationships, create their experience of life, and live in the world. So far human beings have progressed through two of the three possible developmental stages, and the realities they generate.

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