Wellness Way of Living Healthfully

The wellness way is a way of living healthfully that gives rise to the daily experience of:

‘Being fully human; fully alive to life’.

What does it mean to be living healthfully that is different from what you are experiencing right now?

It simply means awakening to the immensity, fullness, joy and wonder of life as your daily experience.

You relaxed into life and respond to all about you naturally and spontaneously.

Life becomes effortless.....

You achieve your personal goals and dreams effortlessly.

These are no idle statements.

Neither is it easy.....but it can be done.


The View of Health

Most of us have a narrow view of health. Perhaps, that’s because we associate health with the biological.

And so being in health means getting the right exercise, eating the right food, taking sufficient vitamins and supplements, and getting adequate sleep.

And if your body seems out of sync, to restore your health means seeing your doctor for medication or your therapist to heal your aches.

These activities support and provide fuel to your physical health. That’s all they do.They represent just one equation to the full expression of your wellness.

The wellness way as a way of living healthfully is undeniably also organised around health.

This may sound simple enough, but as you read on, you will discover that to achieve health the wellness way, you must work to achieve a level of personal energy and excellence of character that is not possible in your present circumstances.


Everything in your life and in your world is organized to produce only the mediocrity of just enough health to keep you alive, but not FULLY ALIVE.

To be fully alive is possible only when you are willing and able to heal and re-organise your self, your life, and your world.

This is the power of health, in the fullest sense of the word, that is appropriately known as the power of wellness.

The power of wellness liberates and transforms you. It empowers you to the effortless attainment of your personal and global dreams.

The reality is right now, you are struggling to just survive your experience of life!

Power of Wellness

My appreciation of living healthfully, and hence, the wellness way of life came about when I chanced upon a book 'Do you See What I See?' by Edwin Carl Smith.

The study of that book, together with another book Relentless Love by the same author were catalytic to my own personal transformation:

“Being Fully Human; Being Fully Alive to Life”

Few people can say they really live up to that without kidding themselves!

Most people, despite their achievements, are hardly alive to life to even enjoy and simmer their achievements!

And there are the majority, having sought one model of success after another, continue to struggle as before to survive their experience of life.

The wellness way of life does not negate our personal goals and dreams in life.

It merely points to you that to realise your goals and dreams by means other than effortless is antithesis to your wellness.

You learn to attain your goals and dreams through a practice that has its roots in our natural human condition.

We have a word for describing this condition that comes from the combined effect of intention creatively expressed in the context of freedom for self and others: love.

It is obvious our lives and our world are not characterized by love or health.

Both love and health are seen as goals in life rather than the means by which to live your life.

When love and health are goals, you end up with neither, which is why I said earlier that your life and our world as they exist right now produce only mediocrity, the illusion of both health and love.

An authentic and regular practice of wellness way is the most dangerous habit you can develop, for it will change everything about you, your life, and your world.

I created Life Path DNAgetics as a way to teach a wellness way of life that unerringly produces health through a life path of least resistance. It is a way to integrate and optimize the functions of body, mind, and spirit.

Life Path DNAgetics is a personal practice that expands into a full way of being in the World.

It is a way of living healthfully, individually and collectively, that produces the fullness of life (health) for your self, others, and the world at large through intelligent use of personal power (strength of character).

When the mind has been released to function freely in a loving way, our lives are typified by loving interactions.

You are invited to dream big, very big; to dream of what your life and our world could be like if we could organize them around life, health, abundance, and joy rather than death, limited resources, fear, and doubt.

All of this, and much more, is possible through the wellness way of life.

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