Magical Wands of August Greyhawk 
A True Story....A Rare Glimpse

I have never been a fan of wands and staff. Neither am I a fan of Harry Potter. However, between the former and the latter, I must confess I have my hands on to something as intriguing as "The Magical Wands of August Greyhawk". 

In September 2012, August Greyhawk chanced upon my site. He took an interest in some of the things I wrote about. One topic that brought our relationship to MORE than just cursory email exchanges was on the subject of brainwave entrainment.

As our friendship grew, August, who is very much my senior, shared some of his "friends" with me. I had not understood what he meant then, when he showed me, one by one, images of his wands and staff.

These implements seemed to have an aliveness of their own. Each seemed to possess a character, a dignity and an unspoken power. Of course, these are solely my perception that probably reflected my state of presence at that moment.  

I left it as that though, still expressing little interest. Thereafter, August made no further mention of his "friends".

One day in Feb 2013, I received a surprised package - a staff and a wand with a scroll beauitifully penned from August.

Exquisitely crafted,  I held the staff and wand for a while. The staff, in particular, have an enveloping nurturing effect on me. Later, I came to understand from August where its source came from -  "The Symbi World" as he described fully in the book.

The gifts from August really stirred my curiosity and interest. And so, I left no stone unturned in engaging August to disclose more about his interaction with "The Symbi World".

The result is this book!

Let me say this on the outset. It was with much persuasion that August relented to writing this book. And I can understand why.

The popular notions of wands leave little to be desired. This book is the very antithesis of prevailing notions propagated as "spells and witchcraft".

It reveals in quite descriptive details how our "friends" make their temporary abode among nature's elements. And how "they" have an influence on us as we have upon them.

If you are a fan of the wand, this book shares how to properly honour the object of your implement with guidance on how to use them for your well-being as well as for others.  

If like me, you aren't a fan of the wand, you will be glad to know most parts of the book share August's intimate encounters with the Symbi World.

The author provides a glimpse into the dimensional realm of the Symbi World, their inter-dimensional relationship to ours, their favourite abode amidst nature. Your reading will move you to a greater reverence for nature.

August's intimacy with the Symbi World can be partly attributed to an expansion of sensory awareness during his childhood years spent in the woods.

Spanning 210 pages, you are challenged to entertain once again the thought:

"Are we the only special Beings existing on this planet?
Or do we co-exist dimensionally in the Oneness of life."

For all my prejudices about wands and staff, I enjoyed chapters 17 and 18. I had gathered some very useful insights into the process of creative manifestation rarely shared in the popular new age books.

It struck me that;

If "imagination" is to the "Wand of God";
then our 'third eye" is to the "wand of man".

I am sure you too will find your own insights with your own reading of the book.

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