There Has Never Being A Meditation Type Like Original Meditation

There has never been a meditation type like Original Meditation. It is truly unique in how you practice it and the results it generates. It is the inner core of a different way of being and living in the world that will transform you, your life, and your world, if you let it.

Unlike Traditional Meditation which controls and limits awareness, Original Meditation has none of this!

It forms the basis for generating new understanding of your self and your world, a new way of relating to your self, others, and your world through uncontrolled or unmanaged attention.

It can improve your physical health, your mental/emotional health, relationships, intelligence and creativity, while also producing dramatic spiritual changes.

The ability to live a life of health and healing, of love, freedom and joy must be supported by habits of mind, of awareness and attention that are free, joyful and loving.

That is a lot for a single meditation type to do.

It is possible because Original Meditation resolves to the core issue preventing human beings from creating lives worth living in a world worth living in.

It involves the release of control in all dimensions of consciousness.

The problems we want to solve, the improvements we want to make in our lives, all have one core habit in common.

When you substitute Original Meditation as your new core habit, the ripple effect of that single change affects everything else in your life.

It directly addresses the link between mind and matter, your inner world of body and mind, and your outer world of relationships and interactions.

That connection is consciousness, the combination of awareness and energy that forms the foundation of physical reality. The ancient word for consciousness (awareness-energy) is spirit.

As a multi-dimensional practice of freedom, the relaxation of control over awareness, Original Meditation immediately and permanently re-establishes the natural relationship between the mind and body by reversing their current relationship.

The result is that energy of life flows in through the enteric brain, moves to the cranial brain, and then flows out of the heart brain, where it is shared with others.

When the flow of energy is reciprocated, a mutually self-sustaining and nurturing relationship appears that enhances the health of all involved.

Everyone experiences the fullness of life, the Original Self, the self filled with life.

The result…..?

Mutual health in all areas of life and community.

How does such a meditation type produce organized change?

It doesn’t.

It promotes freedom. It only makes change possible. The body’s natural inclination to health organizes any change and healing.

Focused attention (Concentration/Traditional Meditation) is not something we can or should eliminate from our habits, but like the mind itself, it is a dutiful servant and a terrible master.

When we control awareness through constant focus, that habit becomes our master.

Achieving health requires us to be productive while we remain connected to (aware of) part of the world beyond the task at hand.

Limited awareness is a useful work strategy, but a terrible life strategy.

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