Rites Of Initiation

How are we to make the transition from adolescence to adulthood?

Through rites of initiation.

Rites of initiation are implemented to help a person make a transition between one phase of life and the next.

Sometimes such initiations try to force the transition, but I am not interested in that sort of thing.

The future will be created by those who are free, healed, aware, intelligent, and most of all at peace with themselves and their world.

You cannot make all of that happen through coercion, trauma, or confrontation.

The transition to our future will be created by practicing the skills you need to create it: free awareness.

The rite of initiation into our future as fully matured beings is the Heartmind Strategy, which is the healing (or optimizing) and integration of all brain functions within the physical body.

This means that all that has been repressed, everything that has been stifled by prior efforts to control your life and reduce your fear of being alive, must be encountered, released, integrated, and shared.

When that happens, you become fully alive, filled with the energy and information of life – its power and intelligence, respectively.

Life stops being a struggle and becomes a shared creative endeavor promoting the enhancement of all life on Earth.

Rites of initiation are necessary in order to create a healthy and functional foundation for ordinary life, for being fully alive.

The Heartmind Strategy is what happens when you practice Original Meditation. You use it not merely as a way to meditate, but as a way to live.

The core of the Heartmind Strategy is Original Meditation. If you practice Original Meditation only as a meditation technique, you will find yourself in the midst of a developmental crisis that cannot be resolved unless you submit the whole of your life to the practice of Original Meditation.

When you do, your life and world are transformed, which completes and confirms the rite of initiation that is the Heartmind Strategy.

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