Most Techniques Of Meditation Are Not Good For You

Most techniques of meditation are not good for us. There are tons of books written on the subject and teachers teaching it as there are many techniques. But most do not bring real benefits.


Most practices lead to limited awareness. It would take a highly aware person to recognise this fact. Most experienced practitioners won't even know this fact!

If you want to benefit from learning the correct approach and are totally new to it, I would urge you to read what follows. The information offered here will save you years of what could become unrewarded efforts.

And if you are already an ‘experienced practitioner', especially if you are also teaching it, you will find the knowledge here one you would want to seriously re-evaluate in the light of your own current practice.

I first discovered Edwin Carl Smith's book ‘Do You See What I See?’ in 2002 in a local library.

In his book, Edwin shared about his own personal makeover. It was in that same book that I was led to 'Original Meditation'.

Edwin's first book was published in 1997. Since then, it had been out of print. But it has remain a classic for years among the books on transformation and spirituality.

In April 2004, Edwin authored another book ‘Relentless Love’. Another great book on personal and global transformation.

In this book, Edwin shares with us the way to living from being a ‘CONSUMER of life’ to being a ‘CREATOR of life’.

Since my first contact with Edwin in 2002, Edwin has been an invaluable mentor.

I had been practicing various techniques of meditation for years prior to encountering Edwin. Most various schools of approach. Even from the ancient mystery schools that you don't find in mainstream books!

Until one has experienced a number of traditional techniques of meditation, each given to a reasonable period of time, can one fully appreciate the real value that is experienced in Edwin's approach.

But no rationale person would want to see years of efforts go to waste unless you consider the recognition of encountering what finally will work as a real reward.


Edwin's approach is unique in that it leads you to the direct experience of being fully human; fully alive. Yet it is not even a technique!

If we reflect and search deeply within ourselves, there is a desire within each of us to feel fully alive to life.

Paradoxically, it is this very desire to be fully alive, to become fully immersed in life that we fear!

To be able to live your daily moments in this state of being is the seed of true wellness.

Edwin refers this as being in touch with our 'ORIGINAL SELF'. .

The Heart-Mind strategy that is at the core of Edwin's approach leads you to a life of inner and outer health and vitality that traditional or mainstream practices fail.

Original Meditation leads you to the wellness way of life.

In wellness do we radiate the energy of being fully human; fully alive.

This quality necessarily opens up to possibilities beyond what you can imagine now.

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