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Realities Are Created
Choose once again what is true for you

Wellness dimensions, as it is used in the context here, explain the paradigms of realities each stage of human growth and development brings to the human experience.

Consider the word ‘wellness’ and its meaning to the individual.

Depending on the level of individual awareness, the meaning given to wellness can and does differ in scope and depth.

Hence, its realities….and experiences.

The ordinary man appreciates ‘wellness’ as ’keeping one’s body in good health’.

A health practitioner, healer or doctor would relate ’wellness’ to achieving balanced of body, mind and spirit.

On the other hand, the reality this site gives to the meaning of wellness is all inclusive and expansive.

As our awareness expands, our reality becomes more encompassing.

To be in wellness is to experience

“Being Fully Human; Being Fully Alive to Life’

Wellness dimensions describes what is humanly possible that we don’t already know?

Wellness dimensions describes what is humanly probable that we haven’t truly created?

To live and experience as being fully human and as being fully alive to life is to liberate all dimensions of our beingness.

Wellness dimensions involves the release of control in all dimensions of consciousness

This calls for some transformation of ourselves!

To those who succeed, you live as masters of your realities.

In short, you become the enchanter and the enchanted.

The game of life changes for you from struggling your experience of life to re-inventing your experience of life.

Life opens up possibilities for you.

Such a transformation is not merely a change of mindset as if one is changing from a negative attitude to a positive attitude.

It involves a change of heart. A leap of faith.

To understand how such a transformation is possible, I would like to take you back to the central theme of life we as human beings keep playing out in our long and unfortunate history.

That history has repeatedly shown that life is a struggle, and suffering is the nature of life - as experienced in every aspect and activity of human existence -makes it impossible to entertain the thought, let alone the belief that the opposite is possible.

But why should this be so?

Wellness dimensions exist in three stages of life, each with its corresponding paradigms of reality. As human beings, we mature through these three stages of development: Childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

You can live as children, adolescents or adults.

This means there are only three ways human begins can organise their world and relationships, create their experience of life, and live in the world.

Each development stage corresponds to a particular paradigm of reality, an internally consistent way of understanding, knowing, relating to, and acting in the world.

These stages of development is also reflective and true of entire societies and culture.

So far, human beings have progressed through two of the three possible development stages, and the realities they generate.

The first stage - childhood - creates what is known as the ‘Perceiver' paradigm of reality.

Pagan cultures – largely indigenous, tribal, shamanic cultures – represent the paradigm and development stage of childhood. Such cultures are largely body-based (focused the needs of physical survival) and perceptual (focused on direct and immediate perceptions of the world).

The second stage - adolescent - creates what is known as the ’Knower’ paradigm of reality.

All cultures of the last 5 000 years have been Knower/Adolescent cultures living in a ‘Knower’ paradigm of reality.

These cultures are mind-based (focused is on how we can know the world and so dominate it) and conceptual (focused on conception/beliefs about the world, rather than simple perceptions of the world).

What about the third stage in the wellness dimensions of the adult? The paradigm of adulthood?

Known as Creator paradigm of reality.

They do not yet exist!

They have not been invented….

They have not even been fully imagined……..

Despite what futurists and so called visionaries have imagined, these merely re-create the adult in the adolescent paradigm.

Biologically we grow from childhood to adulthood. However, as a paradigm of reality, we exist as a biological adult in the realm of ‘Knower/adolescence'.

In the realm of wellness dimensions, we continue to live in limited awareness and are in turn controlled by limited awareness. We create limited resources and are thus confronted by limited resources. Global warming is one such manifestation of the outcome of our limited awareness.

The Last and Final Realm of Wellness Dimensions

So, wellness dimensions comprise three stages of human development that generate three progressively more complex and inclusive realities. Human history has been dominated by the first two developmental stages and their respective realities.

What accounts for this? Why three stages and paradigms? Why not five or ten in the wellness dimensions? And why are we only through two of the three paradigms?

What controls or organizes each of those stages?

Our brains!

Our brains control our experience of life, our developmental stage, and our paradigm of reality.

That makes sense....

What you probably don’t know is that every human being has three brains located in three different parts of the body! Our childhood paradigm of reality, paganism, was created largely by the enteric brain, brain stem and mid-brain. The neo-cortex was functional, but individual and group life was organized primarily around the functions of more primitive brain structures.

Our adolescent paradigm of reality, mysticism/rationalism, is created almost exclusively by the neo-cortex. We have become so enthralled with the power of the neo-cortex we use it to control all the functions of the other brain structures.

As we will see, the only way to control a brain structure is to limit its function.

When you limit the function of a brain structure, you limit awareness, and so your ability to cope, respond, think, feel, etc.

You limit reality....

Repression is self-emasculation. Its strongest and most pervasive impact is the primal fear of being alive.

You become afraid of who and where you are. And so you want to control every aspect of that which sustains you: life.

Now we come to our future, the third paradigm of reality: adulthood.

We must change brain functions (and create a new reality) when brain functions can no longer solve the problems they create.

We must create a new paradigm of reality based on a new way of being human. Anything less and we will certainly suffer and die from the failures and self-imposed limitations of our adolescent paradigm.

The brain that controls the adult paradigm of reality is located in the heart.

The heart brain.....

The first paradigm of reality was the Perceiver paradigm of paganism.

The second paradigm of reality is the Knower paradigm of mysticism/rationalism.

The third paradigm of reality is the Creator paradigm of Heartmind (the optimal integration of all brain functions). This is the optimal state of wellness dimensions that is experienced as

“Being Fully Human; Being Fully Alive to Life’

In the Creator/adult paradigm, action awaits the power and wisdom of the heart’s brain.

What is that power and wisdom?

Love, of course.

If you act in response to the cranial brain, your actions will always be unloving.

Love will always be a goal, not than a reality if you act before you think with your heart.

The heart monitors and influences all that has gone before. The heart brain is the final step in each moment of your life, in every choice you make.

A life organized by the heart brain is the life of a mature, fully alive, fully human being.

To awaken and activate the heart brain, however, the other two brains (cranial and enteric) must first be awakened, activated, and integrated.

This is a process of great and very deep healing and awareness. When the heart brain is awakened, life is organized by love.

In love, possibilities descend before you.

In love are your dreams fulfilled.

We can and should all learn to make the transition from adolescent to adulthood.

The Heartmind Strategy as a rite of initiation is the journey into wellness dimensions which releases all that are repressed (healing) and integrates brain functions that enable the transformation into a fully matured human being.

The wellness way of life ultimately is experienced as a life of freedom, creativity, expression, joy, fulfillment and abundance for all.

This is our natural default nature.

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