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Changing your mind about Your Mind

Years ago, when I was then a financial planner, I received a call from a valued client. The moment I said "hello", he raged at me over his disputed insurance claim.

You know how it's like with most arguments. We always go back in time.

He accused me of misrepresenting the product I had sold him. He felt cheated. I endured verbal assaults for some time. Then he hung up abruptly.

Ruffled, I walked out of my office, lighted up a cigarette to calm myself. It didn't help. I became more upset as my mind replayed the entire heated exchange.

I heard myself shifting from words of defence to words of attack as I reacted vehemently to his shifting words of attack and defence. This went on and on between us.

Does this scenario not sound like all of us?

Even though the episode had all ended when he hung up, I was still lapping up imaginary exchanges with him as if this client was still present in my midst. I felt drained mentally and emotionally.

And then, in an instant, I became consciously aware. I saw  what I was doing to myself.

I recognised I was unconsciously dreaming as in projecting onto a movie screen an intolerable incongruent and unhealthy reality for my self. Immediately, I snapped myself out of this inner warfare.

Then I did something so counterintuitive. I remembered reading something from a most profound book I ever came across. And so I dwelled upon it.

"Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your
brother did to you has not occurred. "   

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