10 Kilo Weight Loss

by Jaz Goven
(Chiang Mai Thailand)

Here's an amazing testimonial from one of my Quantum Wellness clients in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Weight Loss Testimonial

Pim Kemasingki 4 Jan 2013

I was coming out of a very soul-destructive marriage which had depressed me for nearly a decade. This had resulted in my weight gain and other emotional problems, combined with an illness in the family, problems with my company and such; I was in a pretty bad place. After wallowing in self pity for a year or so post-marriage, I had had enough and wanted to make a change. However, the drive and the spark to make that change eluded me. I just couldn’t seem to drag myself out of my funk.

Someone recommended me to Healing Lights Centre. It was the right time and it was the right initiative for me. I met with Jaz Goven and started working on her Quantum Wellness Fast Track Programme, and began cleansing some of my emotional baggage with Fast Track, at the same time had Quantum Wellness massages with Ann to work on physical blockages. The two programmes, in tandem, saw me lose weight pretty much immediately, but most of all it energised me to make other changes in my life: I quit smoking, I changed my diet, I began to exercise nearly daily and my life and my body began to shift and change.

While I have a way to go and I am not anywhere near where I want to be, I now have a path towards my goal. I thank Jaz and Ann very much for the work they did with me. They are both lovely ladies who accepted my initial deep cynicism about their processes while helping me to overcome my myriad of problems, helping to energise me and allowing me to turn my life around. I don’t believe in miracles, I still don’t, and I know that most of the effort will have to come from me, but having said that, I couldn’t have made that start without them both.

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