Circadium 416
The Yin Secret of Weight loss & Radiant Skin

Do you realise you can transform from being fat to slim in just a matter of simple massage steps on the abdominal?

Little-known yet so naturally effective, there are just 28 positions on the abdominal that trigger weight loss and youthful skin.

Sounds too simple to be believable?  

That's because the slimming industry has succeeded in beguiling you into thinking you have too spend big on their science-based technologies in order to get rid of unwanted fats! 

A little knowledge can go a long way, especially towards self-reliance and self-empowerment. This is especially so in the area of ageing and weight management.

A little knowledge in the art of youthful ageing and slimming can literally bring the whole slimming industry to a stand-still.

Alas, people still prefer to do things the hard way......

How many are willing to spend 20 minutes on their bed to lose weight compare to spending exorbitant sums of money on a massage therapist's bed or a doctor's bed just to get rid of unwanted fats?

The Yin of 416

If you haven't read "The Yang of Circadium", you should do so now before reading further. It makes it much easier to appreciate the wondrous product therapy of Circadium 416.

We are talking about zeroing on a fundamental premise - a cornerstone of oriental wellness - that is as basic as is common sense to the truth of health and wellness: keeping our internal organs in a state of optimal health.

Your desire to maintain or to look younger, to attain or maintain a balanced body weight lies in how vibrant your internal organs are interacting with one another.

It isn't enough that some organs are functioning at optimal efficiency. This would still compromise your metabolic and hormonal system. Like clockwork, our biological organs are continually in interaction with one another.

In the other words, the process of interaction between organs is as important in their optimal functioning as the health of each organ.

Most of us are led into thinking all that one needs to do is to eat well and exercise more.

Well, you could exercise to improve organ muscles such as the heart and lungs. You could huff and puff on the treadmill to improve cardiac and respiratory functions but none of these exercises are going to rejuvenate your biological organs especially those under the abdominal.

And it is precisely those organs beneath the abdominal - the Zang Fu organs network of the kidneys, spleen, stomach, intestines and liver - that regulate how you age and weigh!

Activating Zang Fu Organs

There are few energetic approaches, in the form of exercises, that stimulate body organs. When I say "stimulate" here, I am specially referring to influencing the energies that affect functioning of the internal organs.

In oriental wellness philosophy, these are known as the energies of Jin, Qi and Shen. These energies in the body are transmutable in that Jin can be transmuted into Qi, and Qi, in turn, into Shen, and vice versa.

These are very subtle and refined energies. They constitute the essence of our vitality and youth-span! Given our prevalent lifestyle, we are predisposed to squandering them without realising it takes a mountain of effort and time to restore our vital energy.

If you are in your 30s, it will pay off handsomely if you take the time and effort to cultivate these energies to boost organs health and vitality.

If you are in your 40s, it will pay off if you start now to prolong your youth-span. And if you are running into your 50s, you can do much to reverse your ageing clock. You will not be able to change your chronological age. But you certainly will look younger, feel younger and shape better than your peers!

The abdominal massage exercises that you do with Circadium 416 is so practical, so simple and so restful - what can be more restful than lying on your bed - that just 20 minutes of self-massage is all you need do a day to boost your youth-span and regulate weight.

There are 28 energy pathways in your body that are specific to weight management and youthful ageing. These pathways connect to major organs of your body. When massage in their proper sequence, they help to restore your circadian clock.

When your circadian clock is functioning well, it means your organs are functioning at optimal level. Naturally, your metabolism and endocrine system will also function optimally. This means your cells are enabled to burn fats efficiently and the glands secrete hormones sufficiently to maintain youthful body and mind.

Now, do you see why you should be investing your time and money on keeping your organs vibrant? And do you now see why to improve organs functioning, you ought to be turning to art than to science?

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