The Massage Therapist's Dilemma

I have always learned a great deal from my encounters with therapists and bodyworkers in my travels. I didn't take long to recognise an anomaly in the spa industry.

Best-of-breed therapists aren't usually found at commercial spas. Spas won't pay best-of-breed therapists their REAL value.

The reality is spa owners aren't willing to invest in their in-house therapists in acquiring advanced modalities. In-house therapists move on once their skills and experience evolved to a higher level.

Consumers, the end-users of spa services, for the price that they pay, rarely ever experience the best of therapists and therapeutics.

To the uninitiated, a typical spa menu looks like an eclectic of cookie-cutter therapies to soothe every ailment.

To the initiated, they recognise little of the therapeutics in them.

That's the anomaly of spa industry. You have the therapist who loves her art but is unknown. And you have the spas who love to dress up the menu than to skill up their therapists.

I empathise the plight of cultivated therapists who are committed to their art. And I also feel consumers ought to know where these best-of-breed therapists can be found.

Independent/self-employed therapists struggle to gain recognition and thrive financially. Their problems can be attributed to two factors:

  • Lack of proprietary advantage in therapy and/or product
  • Marketing know-how.

And so, many therapists return to the spas to contract their services for split commission subject to spa management's idea of what constitutes wellness. To most therapists, this is less than ideal. But they have to survive.

What are therapists' ideal?

To be sought-after and paid their REAL value

wherever they ply their trade.

Throughout my conversations with therapists, echoes of their aspirations resonated in my vision.

If you are a therapist reading this, I would like to take this opportunity to ask, "Has this been your dream, your vision too?"

If it has, we already have a shared vision.

This shared vision can be achieved by the power of leverage.

"You leverage on AHI's PROPRIETARY advantage;

AHI leverage on your SKILLED hands."

Together, we can swing the market of dis-equilibrium in your favour and add REAL value to consumers. Together, we can blaze a new trail towards a new evolution in wellness.

This is no idle dream. We are quite capable of making this happen.

Your status will grow, customers will rave about you and you will reap a much-deserving income.

Be A Game Changer

Few businesses view leverage as a primary tool for over-delivering in consumer satisfaction.

In 2009, the idea of matching the "best hands" among global massage therapists with AHI's proprietary TCM-based spa energetics and marketing know-how gradually took shape in my mind.

This idea of matching by leveraging was to meet consumers' desire for a truly great therapist and a truly best-of-breed therapeutics that adds more life to their years, and more years to their life.

This idea of matching by leveraging enlarges into a vision that has the potential to be a real game-changer in the spa and wellness industry.

Spas aren't the real deal. Best-of-breed therapists and therapeutics are.

Powered by AHI's proprietary therapeutics and marketing platform combined with best-of-breed therapists around the world, consumers can experience superior value un-matched by any spas.

The winners?

In the same order. Consumers are matched to best-of-breed therapists who are matched to best-of-breed therapeutics.

Do you still need the spa?

Aloysius Tan

I am not a blogger in the internet-sense of the word. But I am willing to try something different this year - start the Chatter Blog

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