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Phuket needs no introduction. Khun Timmy does. For you could be leaving Phuket missing out on a splendid Thai massage - Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) and Karsei Nei Tsang (KNT)!

And the Tok Sen that Khun Timmy (Ms. Tunrat Akkhalamanirot) wields as the cornerstone of CNT and KNT makes the entire therapy the hallmark of her therapeutic repertoire.

Welcome to the realm of spa energetics.

Spa energetics is a very evolved form of massage that recognizes the body is governed by an intricate network of energy fields.

Hence, they are rarely available at conventional spas simply because it is beyond the ordinary skill level of spa therapist or masseuse.

Yet if we are going to pay good money at the spas, we might as well as pay good money finding therapists who excel in spa energetics.

This website and its reviews attempt to help make light your search.

Practitioners of spa energetics are very often found operating their own wellness and healing centres, or working as commissioned independents at various wellness and retreat centres.

It takes years of massage experience to acquire a sensitivity towards a person's energetic body. Being highly attuned to a person's energy, such practitioners of spa enegetics are able to work MORE deeply and subtlely in restoring one's body and mind to a state of harmonium.

Khun Timmy stands out as one such practitioner!

I had first read about her in the now defunct "Phuket Post". It was only three years later that I decided to review her as my pursuit of spa energetics intensified.

Chi Nei Tsang

Spa Energetics

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Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) makes the cut for one such spa energetics.

Pronounced in mandarin, it means "internal organs Qi".

It is a method of abdominal massage that detoxify, tonify, re-balance and invigorate the health of internal organs.

Karsei Nei Tsang (KNT) is a method of genital massage that is focused on removing stagnant energy and dissolving toxins that impede smooth blood, nerve and energy flow to our reproductive organs.

It can improve a woman's fertility and sexual functions of both gender.

Both healing arts were developed by Mantak Chia, well-known for introducing the Universal Healing Tao System to the western world.

And Timmy, who is pure Thai, was among Mantak Chia's most senior and experienced practitioner of CNT and KNT.

What truly distinguishes her from most western practitioners of CNT and KNT is that as a Thai, she is MORE attuned to a healing modality originating from her own country.

She has a deep cultivation of the palpating touch that is neccessary to detect imbalance in one's body.

She has also up the ante in the evolution of CNT and KNT. At the core of her massage protocol is her use of another Thai tradition, "Tok Sen"!

Rightly attributed, she is the ONLY one whom I would accord the accolade of "The Tok Sen of Chi & Karsei Nei Tsang".

Tok Sen

tok sen

Tok Sen is an ancient northern Thai healing modality understood to have originated from Thai temple monks.

Tok means "to hit". And Sen means "energy path".

Tok Sen employs tapping energy lines and specific parts of the body with a special wooden hammer, made from the bark of the tamarind tree.

The vibration caused by sound disperses energy blockages and tight muscle knots faster than finger pressure.

My Experience

I had to give it a week before I wrote this review. It is always great immediately after a massage - any massage for that matter.

But how GREAT is it thereafter - 3 days later, a week later.

I have always had a condition with the swelling of my right abdominal towards the latter part of the day. To some extend, bloatedness contributes to it but not entirely. There would always arise an aching pain.

But I got so used to my condition that I had wholly accepted it without a fret after some years. It is like a new normal for me.

So when Khun Timmy asked for my feedback, I replied "good" but could NEVER specify what good really meant.

I supposed the feeling of wholeness needs no definition. Because wholeness is intrinsically NATURAL.

I reckoned she already must have detected something about my right abdominal, my back problem and one related thing that affected circulation to my genital area. As I understood later, the latter was caused by both abdominal swelling and back condition.

So I was very surprised when the moment she asked that I feel my right abdominal, I recognized the swell wasn't there anymore. The new normal had returned to NORMAL!

Khum Timmy attributed the swell to overworked adrenal glands.

How was I days later?

It has been close to a week after my experience with Chi Nei Tsang and Karsei Nei Tsang. I can say the swell is no longer there as both my left and right abdominal remain evenly balanced. Bloatedness does come and go but it does not cause a swell.

I would deem a couple more sessions will do me wonders especially Karsei Nei Tsang.

With all due respect for Khun Timmy's approach and techniques of Tok Sen in Chi Nei Tsang and Karsei Nei Tsang, I decided to approach this review away from my customary style of describing the sequence of massage as in past reviews.

I recommend that you experience her gift of healing massage instead.

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