Circadium 416
The Yang Secret of Weight Loss & Radiant Skin

There are two powerful symbols that govern the law of change and transformation. If you are perceptive enough, you will see these symbols underlie every natural and man-made creation.  

If you are serious about learning an authentic way to losing weight, if you harbour the desire to prolong your youth-span or look younger than your age, you need to know how to employ these two symbols.

The first is the symbol of the triangle.

To manifest a result or to solve a problem, you must "satisfy" 3 points on the triangle.

"A" must interact with "B" to create the result of "C". 

Next, within "A", you would need to "satisfy" another set of three points on the triangle. You will have to do that for "B" too. 

Now, if your efforts at losing weight are not paying off, it is always because you fail to "satisfy" and complete the jigsaw on the triangles.

Most slimming solutions - when stripped down to their bare bones - aren't based on this law of the triangle. Hence, you don't get the result or worse, you end up being more damaged.

Following the law of the triangle, there is the law of the circle that must not be ignored. For this, we need to turn to an ancient symbol.

Bear with me for a while. I promise you will be empowered to a superior way to look better, feel better and shape better. 

Oriental Wellness 

I am sure you are no stranger to the symbol of Yin & Yang. It's a powerful oriental symbol that informs our unconscious mind how the universe come into manifestation.

From this symbol, we perceive a duality of opposites interacting with each other.

When you look at it, what comes to mind is a white half commingle with a black half in a circle. And within the white half, you see a spectre of black just as you see a spectre of white in the black half.

Do you not see a correspondence with the law of triangle? "A" corresponds to "white" and "B" to "black" manifesting a "C" that corresponds to the "Circle".

Next, I want to draw to your attention the catalytic process that is important for any change and transformation to occur. 

Here, you see reflected in Yin & Yang symbol: 

"A" (white half) interacts by opposing and complementing "B" (black half). 

How can something oppose and at the same time complement another thing? It's a paradox but if you are discerning enough, you find this principle enables all satisfying and fulfilling relationships. 

Now, let's get back to the goal of slimming. 

Tao of Slimming

As I promise you, let me show you how we adapt the above two symbols and encapsulate them in our abdominal self-massage known as Circadium 416. Herein lies the secret to looking younger, feeling younger and shaping better. 

Circadium 416 works energetically, based on applying the law and principle of the Triangle and Yin & Yang respectively. 

In other words, this self-abdominal massage, of which the Circadium forms the Yang and 416 forms the Yin , exercises those internal organs underlying your belly. No exercise, be it weight lifting or running come any closer to being able to exercise those organs under your belly.

We are not talking about building muscles here; we are talking about awakening the intelligence and vitality of your stomach, spleen, liver, kidney - in oriental parlance - known as the Zang Fu Organs network. 

What happens when we are able to boost the functioning of each organ from lethargy? What happens when we are able to encourage the organs to interact with one another optimally in opposing and complementing fashion?

It's a no-brainer, right?  

This manifest in improved metabolism and secretion of hormones.

What does improved metabolism and hormonal system mean?

It means that the body is able to break down the food you take in efficiently, burn off excess fats to release energy, assimilate nutrients that get distributed to all your cells for repair and rejuvenation.

It means your endocrine system continue to produce and secrete all the hormones required of your body and mind to stay young and maintain libido.

These composite actions of maintaining organ health and organs interaction manifest in your outer body as radiant skin and slimmer body.

The Ancient Art of Reversing Biological Clock

Circadium alludes to point "A" of the triangle, the Yang aspect of the Yin & Yang symbol.

416 alludes to point "B" of the triangle, the Yin aspect of the Yin & Yang symbol.

This article covers Circadium. To read about how 416 interacts with Circadium in bringing about slimming and de-aging,  click on the link here.

Circadium being the "A" of the Triangle and Yang aspect of the Circle is our specially-formulated massage oil blend comprising western and eastern herbs, and flower essences derived from the highest ingredient grade.

Circadium, comprising 19 key ingredients in the formulation, of which the key actives are - vitis vinifera, cedrus atlantica, cupressus sempervirens, pelargonium graveolens, rhamnus cathartica, artimisa vulgaris, Bach flower essences of cherry plum & crab apple, alpha tocopherols - is bottled in 100ml and used in conjunction with our 416 massage protocol.

With regard to the triangle, remember I mentioned that in addition to the three points on the triangle - A, B, and C - each point also has to have three points. In other words, within "A", there also has to be three points or components connected to it.

In Circadium 416, we have got Circadium as the one point on the triangle, 416 on the other side of the triangle, their combined interaction giving rise to the results in weight loss and radiant skin as the third point in the triangle.

Within Circadium, you have got its subset of three factors that make up its own internal triangle:

  1. The aroma blend which works energetically through the olfactory via the sense of smell.
  2. The TCM and Ayurvedic herbal blend which works through the collateral, meridians and channels of the energetic body. These are the energy pathway vessels of the body analogous to the nerves, arteries and veins of the nervous and circulation system.
  3. The Bach Flower Essences which again permeates energetically via the pathway of the astral body to resolve suppressed and stressed emotions lodged deep in the body's tissues

Ingredients are just as subject to the law of the triangle and principle of Yin & Yang. Hence, those ingredients that make up the formulation have to be blended into their proper Yin & Yang balance.

Opposite & Complementary

Remember the relationship principle in Yin & Yang.

We didn’t formulate Circadium independent of the “416”. Just as the ingredients in Circadium have to work in Yin & Yang synergy, so it is with Circadium relative to its relationship with 416.

Hence, the relative concentration and ratio of the ingredients in Circadium as a whole have to be adequately Yang to map nicely to the Yin aspect of the 416.

This gives rise to a catalytic process caused by the Yang action of Circadium opposing and complementing the Yin action of 416.

Where the principles inherent in the symbols of triangle and Circle are honoured throughout the process of the abdominal self-massage, weight loss and radiant skin become a natural manifestation of the body's optimal internal regulation system.

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