Face-Q Radiance marks a new evolution in skin care energetics.

By transforming the energetics in your face, natural beauty and radiance emerge.

Arguably a FIRST in the energetics of beauty, we have rediscovered and adapted a natural protocol as ancient as that used by the Egyptian Goddess of beauty, Aphrodite.

You will love the auric feeling of a lightness of being and the sight of pure radiance reflected in your face and eyes that go beyond simple refresh of a facial.

What's In The "Q"?

The "Q" stands for quotient - an energy matrix - inherent in your cells. When this quotient is gently stimulated, your cells open themselves to rejuvenation.

Face-Q concept is a joint innovation of Simply Zense, Earthzense and Asian Health International. We believe we have evolved a new frontier in beauty that is DEEPER than skin deep.

Face-Q concept re-awakens natural beauty and radiance from within. When used in combination with skincare products, your skin utilize the nourishment you give it MORE effectively.

Hence, we render an approach to de-aging by encouraging skin revitalization energetically. This approach holds MORE promise in helping your skin look younger than your age than conventional treatment products that only serve to mask your aging skin.

Face-Q Radiance protocol naturally begins with cellular activation. To do that, we worked around "Q" lines and contours on your face with our proprietary "Q" formulation blended from nature's riches of plant herbs.

On the surface, they massage appear as "sweeping" strokes. Invisible to you, they clear away built-up sediments, crystals, toxins and tensions, and MORE importantly stagnant energy.

Next, we work on specific areas around your navel.

Does this surprise you?

The "Q" network runs from your face to your navel. Your navel is the gateway to many of your internal functionings that affect the health of your skin!

With the Yin of your face and the Yang of your navel balanced, your face is ready for instant lift - a nourishing facial massage enriched with premium-ingredients mask.

Then we round up with a relaxing and therapeutic ear candling to seal the entire treatment therapy.

The result and experience are just sheer beauty delight!

Package Price for product set of 10 sessions - S$2250.

90 min session.

*FaceQ Radiance is a signature therapy of Simply Zense.

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