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5 Element Cycle of Wellness

The concept of Yin and Yang alludes to opposing forces in life.

The concept of 5 Elemental Energies explains changing phenomena including their interactions and relationships caused by Yin and Yang forces acting upon each other.

These concepts will have no meaning if we ignore their fundamental essence: the energy of Qi

These three - Yin and Yang, 5 Element, and Qi - have been much described and explained, in almost every medium you can think of - online and offline. Yet despite numerous expositions, oriental subtleties continue to befuddle the Western mind.

My effort here is to draw to your attention some of these subtleties - as I understand them - in the hope of helping you better appreciate how they affect health and wellness.

Yin & Yang

The Western understanding is they are opposites. Observe carefully. These forces are not truly opposites. They oppose to complement each other, resolving differences and seeking balance.

Opposites WIPE OUT each other. For example, dousing fire with water. What is left are charred remains.

If you feel hot and thirsty, especially after a run, and you start drinking ice cold beer, you are dousing your internal body. You are creating a "charred" condition.

You need both heat and cold in your body. The way of Yin and Yang is to lower heat or raise heat, lower cold or raise cold. To cause to sweat is to lower heat and raise cold; to cover with blanket is to raise heat and lower cold. This is natural and complementary.

Take a balance scale. On one side of the scale, let's name this side A, we have 2 pebbles. And on the other side, B, we have one pebble.

The modern medical paradigm would add another pebble to B or remove a pebble from A to bring the scale to balance. The Chinese healing paradigm would disperse this pebble in A such that both A and B share equally.

Of course, this is an over-simplification. But you get the idea....Oriental healing philosophy seeks to work with opposing forces by encouraging balance through the action of the body's natural energy - Qi

5 Elemental Energies

The image at the top symbolically represents 5 Elemental Energies.

These 5 energies are ascribed the following names - wood, fire, metal, water and earth - providing one a convenient visual identification of the behavioral energy each expresses.

Oriental wellness philosophy associates our TCM organs* of liver, heart, lung, kidney and spleen with the energies of wood, fire, metal, water and earth respectively.

Hence, this is how the body's Qi through the interplay of Yin and Yang interacts in energetic relationship with the FUNCTIONING of our internal organs. This manifest as ease or dis-ease of body and mind.

The Earth Energy - Spleen

The spleen is, to quote Winston Churchill, "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma".

Ask the man-in-the-street what the spleen is. You will likely get a shrug. Ask the most erudite person. He could well launch into a discourse on immune system.

The spleen isn't going to arouse their concern unless they get into a medical. Far less if they desire to lose weight. But here's the rub.....

The secret to slimming lies there!

TCM Spleen includes the digestive system and water metabolism. It is closely associated with the TCM stomach organ.

We know a deficiency of the spleen Qi can cause water retention in the stomach and under the skin. Few went so far as to observe the correlation between obesity and TCM spleen.

TCM spleen has the important function of extracting "Qi" from food after the process of digestion and assimilation in the stomach and intestine.

Then it has the important function of sending this "Qi" to the TCM lung organ to be mixed with the "Qi" from the air we breathe. This Yin and Yang interaction of the two "Qi" manifest as the FUNDAMENTAL bodily Qi essential to powering our body and mind.

Look at the 5 Elemental Energies above. See the place TCM spleen occupies. Corresponding to earth energy, it has the function of transforming and balancing the interactive energies of the TCM organs.

Circadium 416

TCM spleen together with TCM kidney and TCM liver are aided in healthy functioning through a method of abdominal self-massage therapy offered in Circadium 416.

Circadium 416 leads a new frontier in personal wellness. Deeply therapeutic, it promotes and supports weight loss, de-aging and radiant skin.

This abdominal self-therapy comprises Circadium as the Yang acting in opposing and complimentary interaction with the Yin massage protocol in 416.

Circadium is our specially-formulated massage oil comprising western and eastern herbs, and flower essences of the highest ingredient grade. These are 19 key ingredients in the formulation, of which the key actives are: vitis vinifera, cedrus atlantica, cupressus sempervirens, pelargonium graveolens, rhamnus cathartica, artimisa vulgaris, Bach flower essences cherry plum & crab apple, alpha tocopherols.

416 being the Yin comprises a sequence of abdominal massage, concentrated and directed breathing and sounds. When interacted with Circadium, 416 stimulates some 24 bioenergetic points on your abdominal hub that connect to the ZangFu organs network among which are the TCM spleen and TCM kidney organs.

*TCM organs, as defined in the Oriental Health system, are NOT just the specific organs as we know them but include the whole systems of interrelated functions, tissues, structures, emotions, and responses to the environment. For example, the skin is considered to be a function of the TCM Lung organ. The TCM Kidney organ alludes to the functions of the reproductive system, mental clarity, hearing, hair and the skeletal system.

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