Changing Your mind About Your MIND's hardly a practice that appeals.

Prayers would. There's something to gain from praying. That’s for another article. I have done loads of praying to no avail ......but today this is what I found....

​​You either forgive or you don't.

Most of us don't. At least not immediately. 

Many won't. Holding onto grievances for the rest of their lives.


Because we tend to view forgiveness as a sign of weakness; a concession to someone that don’t deserve it.

Am I NOT right?

What is there to forgive? You can't restore what is unjustly taken away from.

And even if I were to forgive, I can't forget. The hurt still haunts my mind.

You forgive not because there is someone to forgive or that needs forgiving.

You forgive because it is your mind that needs forgiving.

Have you ever tried leaving behind every thought that preoccupies your mind for just one 10 secs?

Like a dropping or letting go of .... like being completely oblivious of all that exists inside and outside you, and just loving your mind completely as if the only thing you ever knew existed was just the vast untainted space within your mind?

If you ever did that, that instant of conscious “forgetting” of yourself is as close you can experience to the state of conscious forgiveness.

In that one instant of beginner's rapture, are you aware how much you save yourself from troubles that plagued you?

In that instant, invisible to you, you are ALLOWING a number of troubling issues that have been confronting you to eventually fall away.

"Forgiveness recognises what you thought

your brother did has not occured"  - ACIM

I did not know what forgiving my mind about my MIND meant.

On that very afternoon after my client had raged at me on the phone, I was continually replaying in my mind the exchanges between us. I wasn't only replaying the actual exchanges that took place, I was adding more fuel to the intense exchanges in my imagination.

When I suddenly became aware what I was allowing in my mind, I snapped out of mental warfare.

What I did thereafter was this: I completely drop everything about who I am, what I am, the entire exchanges between my client from my mind, from my consciousness.

I felt a complete silence and peace pervaded my mind.​

In the act of letting everything go, I wasn't forgiving my client in my mind for what he had accused me of. I wasn't forgiving myself for advising him to take up the policy. I wasn't forgiving anyone or anything. 

I was just completely forgiving the mind that thought these into my mental sphere and decided to completely drop them as if one could throw everything one dislikes into the ocean.​

Something truly transforming happens when one practices the act of giving one's mind daily to forgiveness.

Little by little, unbeknownst to you, the blocks and issues that trouble you just melt away......

See How Life Works

Years later, a friend shared "See How Life Works" by Carol Howe. And I couldn't thank Carol more for helping me understand what the forgiving is for.

"See How Life Works" by Carol Howe is based on A Course in Miracles.

Having a love-hate relationship with the Course, I am humbled by how Carol's program help transform my perception of the Course.

It was only after I started watching Carol's online workshop that I now understood what took effect that very day with my client when I change my mind about my MIND through the practice of forgiveness.

Since then, I have experienced many such shifts of perception that is nothing short of miraculous as I practice more deeply the willingness to forgive the mind

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