Abdominal Breathing & Massage 
Releasing The Powerhouse Of Your Anatomy

Powerhouse of The Abdominal

Has it ever occurred to you that the way you breathe - chest and/or abdominal breathing - affects your aging process?

Most of us are too habituated to chest breathing. Regulate your breathing using your abdominal. You will delight in looking younger than your chronological age.

And what is the best way to do that?

Contrary to logic, it is NOT achieved by periodically practicing abdominal breathing exercise upon yourself.

If you ever notice, you enter into abdominal breathing mode when you are deeply relaxed. Unfortunately, most people aren't even able to relax!

There is a better way to coax your mind and body to give in to abdominal or belly breathing.

GIFT yourself an abdominal massage weekly. By massaging your abdominal properly, you can trigger your body to breathe powerfully from your navel.

After a series of stomach massages, you will start to breathe naturally into your belly.

Chest vs Abdominal Breathing

If your life is regulated by chest breathing, you are sure to accelerate your aging process.

The problem isn't to do with your lungs. It's your abdominal that you have unselfconsciously treated as a "garbage dump".

If you wonder unhealthy eating habits have any part in it, let me suggest that food dumping isn't just the sole contribution to your aging accelerator.

Your mental and emotional stress including environmental stress in the form of toxins and pesticides find their way into your abdominal cavity that houses your organs.

These are felt as knots, tangles and spasms in your belly. They cause congestion and convolution surrounding visceral fats, muscles and organs in your abdominal cavity.

Cumulatively, they manifest as aches and pains, then chronic dis-ease followed by eventual disease.

It is NOT too late to care for your abdominal.

The Anatomical Powerhouse

Your abdominal is the powerhouse of your anatomy.

Most of our major organs, including those glands that secrete growth hormones that support youth and longevity, as well as those hormones responsible for regulating blood sugar and burning fats are located in the cavity of your abdominal.

They are your liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, stomach, intestines, kidneys and adrenal glands.

Imagine how these organs become overworked from what you put into your mouth over the course of the day.

Imagine, how these organs become toxic from emotional and environmental sewage!

When you are not naturally predisposed to abdominal breathing, your organs residing in your abdominal cavity suffers from lethargy, and toxic overload. You are setting up for yourself an implosion from within.

Our abdominal needs proper stimulation in the form of movement to enable proper digestion, assimilation, distribution and circulation of nutrients, blood and energy flow.

Your organs are invigorated by breathing powered by your abdominal.

Being a powerhouse that fuels your vitality, when your core navel center is sluggish, every part of your body performs at less than optimal level.

Ask yourself how you feel physically and emotionally when you awake each morning. How you feel can be traced back to its starting point in your gut!

Small wonder the state of your of abdominal has such impact on your health and wellness, your youth and vitality.

In short, your aging process.

A Special Form of Abdominal Massage

Start to regulate both chest and abdominal breathing.

Learn abdominal self massage to give those organs underlying the belly the exercise they need.

Chest breathing has its place such as in a fight or flight mode but what is happening in our modern lifestyle is our fight and flight mode has extended itself throughout the day.

Hence, you become habituated to chest breathing leaving little for abdominal breathing.

It's time to reset your breathing patterns to reverse abnormal biological aging.

Circadium 416 support the abdominal through indirectly massaging your internal organs housed inside abdominal cavity.

The massage enlivens internal organs into functioning at its best while breaking down fats stored in the visceral areas.

Through regular abdominal massage, you induce the following:

1. Disperse tension and rigidity within your abdominal cavity.

2. Promote digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

3. Remove toxins and fats.

4. Enable lymph, blood and energy flow.

5. Encourage healthy internal organs functioning.

5. Restore hormonal balance.

6. Stimulate a natural and healthy radiant glow in your face.

The abdominal is often described as the second brain. Science has just only begun to recognize it.

But prevailing science has little of any breakthrough to cultivate and restore the vitality of this second brain.

The ancients, on the other hand, knew! By way of a deeply therapeutic accupoint massage that honors your whole body.

Give your abdominal the DEEPEST CARE AND ATTENTION. And be delighted when you begin to look younger than your peers.

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