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Circadium Massage

Are your concerns just weight gain and aging skin?

Do you experience any of these conditions below?

◆ Gas or bloated belly

◆ Water retention

◆ Backache

◆ Lack of vitality and sexual drive

◆ Stressed out, worn-out, fatigued, and in need of a deep restful sleep

They all have their cause in a dysfunction of the ZangFu organs.

In other words, your internal organs are not functioning individually in an optimal level, and this, in turn, sets up a state, interactively, where each organ is reading off signals from another organ in a less efficient way.

Your solutions are twofold:

  1. Regulate or better still, cease those activities that are contributing to these conditions.
  2. Learn an authentic approach to nourishing your ZangFu organs.

The first is something you can manage.

The second is one you can learn to help regulate or mitigate many of the symptoms you may be experiencing above. Beyond that, you will delight in looking younger and shaping better!

With the first solution, even if you cannot completely avoid or minimize stressors in your life, employing a "regime" in the second solution can help prevent undesired conditions that manifest as dis-ease or, worse disease in the long run.

This regime takes the form of Circadium 416.

Oriental Wellness

Circadium 416 is an abdominal self-massage therapy based on Oriental science of health and wellness.

It is a healing art that can be traced to three philosophical texts originating from two of the oldest and most-regarded wellness cultures in the Orient - The Medical Classic of The Yellow Emperor and Suśrutha Saṃhitā and the Charaka Saṃhitā.

They point to those fundamental principles that are key to your overall well-being and personal wellness. Intrinsically, they are key to weight loss and to prolonging one’s youth-span.

What’s really the missing link in the commercial marketplace of wellness products and services is this little-known knowledge that is adapted for slimming and de-aging.

When you start to notice positive changes to your weight and appearance in the course of using Circadium 416, know this: they are just a manifestation of your body that is reconditioning itself.

The beginning and end of the process to looking younger and shaping better is to cultivate the heath of your internal organs especially those that lie under the belly.

And just how does one go about doing that?

It comes down to an art form. If you know the ART, you can forget all you read about the SCIENCE of slimming and de-ageing.

Art of Looking Younger & Shaping Better

This art form ( technically known as “the protocol”) has two aspects that are opposite and complementary to each other and, when they interact, their synergy give rise to what is known as “the sum is greater than its combined parts”.

In the Orient, this art form is described as cultivating The Three Treasures of Jing, Qi and Shen through the application of Yin & Yang forces acting upon the The 5 Element Phases of the human body and condition.

The first aspect is “Circadium” which is Yang in its role and function.

The second aspect is “416” which is Yin in its role and function.

Circadium being the Yang is a specially-formulated massage oil blend comprising western and eastern herbs, and flower essences of the highest ingredient grade.

These are 19 key ingredients in the formulation, of which the key actives are: vitis vinifera, cedrus atlantica, cupressus sempervirens, pelargonium graveolens, rhamnus cathartica, artimisa vulgaris, Bach flower essences cherry plum & crab apple, alpha tocopherols.

We didn’t formulate Circadium independent of the “416”. These ingredients have to be first blended into their proper Yin & Yang balance.

In addition, their relative concentration and ratio in the blend have to be adequately Yang to map nicely to the Yin aspect of the 416.

416 being the Yin comprises a sequence of abdominal massage, concentrated and directed breathing and sounds.

When interacted with Circadium, 416 stimulates some 28 bioenergetic points on your abdominal hub that connect to the ZangFu organs network. These are the organs of the kidney, liver, spleen, intestines, stomach and their associated energy pathways. This is known as exercising the organs. 

This is the hallmark modality of Circadium 416. First, it re-balances your circadian rhythm. This, in turn, restores your metabolism and regulates endocrine secretions. This, in turn, leads to a return to optimal weight based on your natural body frame and to youthful aging as against unnatural aging.

20 Minutes A Day

Circadium 416 is easy to learn. The videos and illustrated manual makes it easy to master within a week. Don't underestimate the deep therapeutics inherent in their simplicity.

Extremely silky, Circadium stimulates elimination of fats and toxins. Deeply relaxing while coaxing your body into a sleep of forgetfulness with 416, you will be amazed of their incremental therapeutic effects on your body and mind.

Just 20 minutes a day on your bed, witness to a slimmer contour and a younger-looking YOU!

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