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Authenticity is a Rare Commodity


When was the last time you felt that incredible feeling within you?

Honestly, in today's information age, anything can be made to sound great.

I prefer authenticity.

Authenticity hardly SOUNDS great. It FEELS great!

For years, I have been involved in exploring modalities relating to mind and body wellness.

In 2005, I started earthzense.com to share my knowledge and experience on inner growth and healing. These arose from some 25 years of learning, exploration and interaction with authentic teachers of healing art in the East.

In 2009, I co-foundered Asian Health International (AHI). AHI develops new frontier spa therapeutics that focus on our human energy anatomy as the basis for health and wellness.

We train spas in applying Oriental healing massage modalities that address the modern 21st century lifestyle syndromes.

In 2012, we achieved a milestone in having trained 490 therapists representing 19 premium spas that garner 70% of spa consumers in Singapore. 

We aren't resting on our laurels. 

Through our cumulative knowledge experience, we have developed therapeutics that empower individuals through their own

We do this by taking the ART out of the Science of youthful ageing and slimming and placing it their hands. 

In 2014, we took our knowledge base for personal self empowerment further. We launched MySoulSync from which emerges our first proprietary sound product AMpower.

Taken together, earthzense's primary GOAL on wellness is about delivering AUTHENTICITY. It is NOT about delivering the BEST.

To seek the best would require exhaustive comparisons which is outside our scope and resource.

To recognise authenticity would demand extensive application and validation by experience. This is what we do BEST!

Your time is precious. Your needs urgent. Authenticity honors both your time and needs.

And so, far from being just a business, we offer and support wellness information, products and services that deliver authenticity.

Mindful of the fact that we are consumers ourselves, they have to pass our test before we recommend them. 

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