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Authenticity is a Rare Commodity


When was the last time you felt that incredible feeling within you?

Honestly, in today's information age, anything can be made to sound great.

I prefer authenticity.

Authenticity hardly SOUNDS great. It FEELS great!

A few words about my background…​

Up until late 2004, I had worked for 24 years for a salary and/or commission. My work wasn’t always 9-5, and the demands and expectations of my employers with each successive year got more and more demanding.

I awoke to the reality that I didn't own my time and my life. In short, I could hardly say I breathed a life that is fully human; fully alive to life.

Those little precious time I had for myself, I devoted to my only one passion I could identify with - the search for the SELF and the meaning of life.

I studied, explored, experimented with as many teachings and wise teachers of life I could find.

One such teacher was the late Tara Singh and J. Krishnamurti. I decided I would commit to “giving something of one’s own to give”.

So I left my last-held position as deputy GM, and started working for myself. I dedicated my time to turning my passion into something of my very own online. And to make a decent living out of it.

Zero Knowledge

I started earthzense.com. And devoted myself to learning and making a success out of it. It was frustratingly tough and hard work in the early years but I prodded on staying true to what I chose to focus on. 

In 2008, I began to reap the monetary rewards of my online effort. What I had not anticipated was that those online endeavours that I had painstakingly given myself to day and night spun off into many offline businesses.

In the beginning, with no knowledge of building a website, with no products of my own to offer, like everyone else, I started on affiliate marketing.

Back then, there weren’t really good training resources that taught one a system of building a web business that enabled success.

In fact, I bought into programs that were really a rehash of approaches, methods, techniques that had become ineffective from over-use. More often than not, the ideas taught were rather manipulative. I was not comfortable in them.

So I learned the hard way instead. I decoded what was working effectively for some successful sites and then reverse engineered my way to their backend to learn their marketing process. 

The process that has worked wonderfully for me after much time given to figuring and testing it is now taught in a simple step-by-doable step in "Solo Build It".

Today, if I were new to internet marketing, online business or affiliate marketing, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do it my way.

I literally bootstrapped my way. The learning curve had been really steeped. 

However, if I were new to internet marketing today, I could have accelerated my knowledge of building a website business and know-how of affiliate marketing by taking heed of the Action Guide that came with "Solo Build It"

There are a lot out there when you google search on affiliate marketing training programs. When I see an army of rave reviews on a site, I sure know to give it a miss.

Just search "Wealthy Affiliate", "Authority Hacks", "Six Figure Mentors" and "Digital Experts Academy". And you will know what I mean. 

If you want step-by-step, real world, proven methods for getting your affiliate business onto a successful footing…from scratch....then do your due diligence.

I promote very few affiliate products these days. As I evolved over the years, the type of affiliate programs I promote also change to match my current phase of personal growth. I am specifically referring to programs that develop one's human potential.

Along with this change, I have gone on creating “something of my very own” - proprietary products and services.

One of them has spilled over from online-to-offline. 

This has led to the establishment of another company "AHI" that focuses on developing eastern wellness healing massage modalities for the spa industry.

In 2012, AHI achieved a milestone in having trained 490 therapists representing 19 premium spas in Asia. 


In 2017, I decided to move away from involvement with the commercial spas.

I began to give my attention to helping the best-of-breed spa therapists carve out a niche for themselves as independent practitioners through evolving a new concept of home spas.

In July 2018, Niche Value took off.

Check-in Bhutan

In late 2018, I experienced an epiphany.

This inspired the launch of Check-in Bhutan.

You can read about my epiphany here.

I still have a lot to learn though and certainly don’t claim to have all the answers to everything but I’m happy to share whatever I’ve learnt on this site.

So taken together, my primary GOAL is about delivering AUTHENTICITY. It is NOT about delivering the BEST.

To seek the best would require exhaustive comparisons which is outside my scope and resource.

To recognise authenticity would demand extensive validation by experience. This is what I do BEST!

Your time is precious. Your needs urgent. Authenticity honors both your time and needs.

And so, far from being just a business, I share information, products and services that deliver authenticity.

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