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To thrive in today’s wellness industry, you need a distinctive proprietary advantage over your competitors. Leverage on AHI's proprietary advantage in therapy, product and marketing system. Collectively, we re-invent the wellness industry drawing raving customers to you.

Growing a critical mass of AHIpractitioners is important but we will never over-populate such that they dilute your income potential as well as territorial market. Practitioners can render their service anywhere, including at the spas. Regardless of geography and locality, AHIpractitioners charge customers a standard structured pricing.

To beat the commercial spas, you must create a distinction for your service where there is no competition. This must mean that consumers who want it have to seek out AHIpractitioners. And spas who want it for their customers will need to contract you based on your terms.

"We've perfected a most authentic oriental wellness business that massage therapists would love to be identified with ."

Experience a best-kept secret to wellness and weight loss.

Our Achievement

Since 2010, Asian Health International (AHI) has trained 490 therapists representing 19 premium spas
that garner 70% of spa consumers in Singapore. Below are among established spa players we'd trained:

Our Vision

Starting 2014, we will grow a global network of certified AHIpractitioners. If you are an independent/self-employed therapist
based outside of Singapore, AHI invites you to a collaboratve partnership to grow your business via our AHI-BizModel.

Leverage on AHI's best-of-breed proprietary advantage.
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