Advanced Anti Aging Skincare
Synergy Within Simplicity

Optimal Skincare Formulation

Would you buy an anti aging skincare product that is loaded with every known anti aging, anti wrinkle ingredient?

I would hesitate.

More likely, I would give it a miss! Even if the samples are for the taking.


Isn't it value for money?

Well it may be...its packaging could be well-worth the keep.

But NOT for what's INSIDE the bottle.

Here's why...... 

Fact 1 on Advanced Skincare

Complex formulation and synergy are over-hyped in the skincare industry.

Product manufacturers - cosmetic companies that put together the complete formulation - do not test skincare products for synergy. Business wise, it's just NOT viable.

On the other hand, Ingredient manufacturers - cosmeticeutical companies that develop ingredients derived from research - only test efficacy of single ingredient in vivo and in vitro.

So the logical assumption is.....

Since each ingredient has been proven to show results, it is deemed all the different ingredients put together in a bottle are supposed to pack powerful benefits for your skin.

How wonderful this would be in a make-believe world!

The truth is: you don't get the 'GENIE' out of the bottle that way.

The MORE ingredients that go into a skincare formulation, the MORE you compromise their biochemical properties. Hence, you undermine their individual efficacy. The end result is an insult for the price you pay! 

Synergy Works Best In Simplicity

Here is sound advice.

Go for simple formulation in an anti aging skincare product. Look out for just a few proven ingredients.

For example, Argireline, a peptide that is found in anti wrinkle creams or serums, works effectively with sodium hyaluronate.

With these two making up the CORE ingredient formulation, you will get superior results for improving fine lines and expression wrinkles.

Powerful synergy for faster results!

Biotox Serum by Simply Zense is especially created this way.

As anti wrinkle serum, it offers you a safe alternative to Botox.

But why wait for fine lines and wrinkles to show up. It is most potent as a preventive against the early onset of wrinkles.

Both Botox injection and Biotox Serum have the action of blocking the contraction of muscles in wrinkle-prone areas of your forehead, eyes and face.

But their pathways are different!

Your wrinkles are the result of prolonged contraction of your muscles caused by habits of facial expression. They are also the visible outcome of broken collagen and elastin fibers caused by aging factors.

Botox injection works on deep wrinkle lines by permanently paralyzing your muscles. It totally blocks any nervous signal pathway to your receptor muscles in the wrinkled area.

Apart from possible health risks, permanent paralysis leave behind an un-natural expression. With each passing 3 months, you return for the next injection.

Biotox Serum works differently. It is a topical anti aging skincare. You apply the serum on your forehead, under-eye and face daily.

Unlike botox, Argireline in Biotox temporarily blocks the signaling pathway to your muscles. This causes temporary paralysis of your muscles.

So there is no health risk and yet it achieves the goal that Botox does without the un-natural expression. But you have to apply daily. 

Advanced Anti Aging Formula

Many antiaging skincare products in the marketplace incorporate Argireline and a host of other peptide ingredients.

To the uninitiated, Biotox Serum would seem to compare less favorably given the more complex formulation of the others. But as you have just learned above, you get no "GENIE" out from a complex formulation.

Now you know to be MORE 'synergistically' (excuse the pun) discerning.

But let's give these products the benefit of doubt. Let's presume they per chance concoct a formula that could well synergize.

What then?

Do you buy?


Here's another little known fact. And shall I say, begs the question when you see a proliferation of under-priced over-the-counter products.

Fact 2 on Advanced Skincare

Based on research and clinical test, ingredient manufacturers provide percentile range of an ingredient known as the optimal concentration.

This is the percentage ingredient in a base solution that has been tested and proven to deliver optimal results.

Anti aging skincare product manufacturers procure ingredients from ingredient manufacturers.

It is in the interest of product manufacturers to keep ingredient cost low, especially if the product is targeted for mass market consumers.

So the big question is: 

If you load several top grade anti aging skincare ingredients in a 30 ml bottle, what percentage of each ingredient's optimal concentration and in what volume of each ingredient go to share in a 30ml bottle?

Can a 30ml bottle that cost $75 or below pack the best optimal ingredients in that given volume?

What could guarantee their synergy? 

A Simply Zense Formulation

We make no bones about delivering excellence in authenticity and quality of products.

And that's why we created the Antica Serum separately from the Biotox Serum.

Each has its targeted anti-aging, anti-wrinkle skincare strategy.

Each anti-aging skincare product delivers optimal ingredient concentration with right volume for each ingredient to fill a 30ml bottle.

Each anti-aging skincare product is formulated to attain the optimal synergy.

And so we come to the final fact. One so important to your understanding.

Products that deliver this distinction should rightly belong to the category of advanced antiaging skincare .

Fact 3 on Advanced Skincare

The marketplace of snake-oil marketers try to have you believe you can replace lost collagen with collagen products.

And collagen skincare products sell by the millions with little to nothing to show for it.

The only way where your skin replaces collagen and elastin fibers are through your own body biochemistry.

As you age, your body naturally produces less and less collagen and elastin. It also renews worn-out and broken down cells at a slower rate.

You support your body's ability to grow collagen and elastin by stimulating the body's biochemical growth factors.

This is achieved in two ways:

  • Taking supplements that contain precursors and co-factors to renew skin cells. 
  • Applying topical anti aging skincare products that contain Antarticine and Ubiquinone. Since collagen and elastin are mostly found in the dermis layer of our skin, topical application such as Antica Serum reaches into the skin faster than supplements to affect stimulation.

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