Advanced Anti Wrinkle Creams 

Don't get fooled by big brand names when deciding anti-wrinkle creams and age-defying skincare serums.

Pay attention to their key ingredients and concentration ratios.

Apples to apples, ingredients to ingredients, you will be surprised some of lesser known names such as Simply Zense's Biotox and Antica Serums deliver superior results than the luxury brands.

To most consumers, this isn't obvious.

Rightly so because packaging labels don't reveal concentration ratios of key anti-aging ingredients.

I had been privy to the inside world of cosmeticeuticals, an opportunity granted me because of my association with one of the biggest manufacturer and supplier of thermal modelling mask.

This association led me to an important study done on two key ingredients and their concentration used in anti-aging skincare.

It inspired the creation of the Biotox and Antica.

Breakthrough science, research-proven, premium anti-aging skincare serums. 

Breakthrough Anti-Aging Formula

The reality of the marketplace for anti-aging skincare products can be deceptively misleading. 

Cosmeticeuticals companies pay special interest to the latest skincare ingredients research as I do for creating the Biotox and Antica Serums.

But this is where the similarity ends and goals between big brand players and smaller ones kind of diverge.

This divergence is telling because it is where skincare companies have to balance cost and profit margins.

Big brands, constrained by huge advertising outlay, are challenged to follow optimal ingredient concentration that correspond to research and clinical findings.

Smaller brands, on the other hand, can afford to adhere closely to optimal formulations but are hard put to win over a brand conscious consumer market.

The Peptides in Anti Wrinkle Creams

End the end of the day, your skin is as good as the optimal ingredient concentrations that are in your bottle. 

The high price that you pay for in brand names don't guarantee you are paying for the best skincare ingredients in the right percentage concentration.

Peptides are expensive indeed!

Due to their high cost & complexity, the active molecules are utilized in only the most premium skin care products.    

Skincare formulators will tell you they are a safer botox alternative. They are found in your topical anti wrinkle creams and antiaging skincare products.

They work provided your formulation adheres to the bio-markers specified in the research and clinical studies.

But here is the reality!

Anti wrinkle creams and serums that are sold over-the-counter often have formulations that deviate from those effective levels of concentrations shown in research and clinical studies.

To a consumer, the anti wrinkle creams that you pay a few hundred dollars for may well be loaded with lots of promising ingredients, peptides included.

Yet while they are indeed cutting edge ingredients, they fail to deliver effective results because those ingredients fall below optimal concentration levels.

Consumers don't realise they are paying good money after bad. 

The Best Anti-wrinkle Formulation

In the process of creating Biotox and Antica, I tested a concentration level that is below and higher than what was recommended in the research.

Results were negligible.

If an ingredient specifies a range of 5-10% concentration, and I use 1% or 15% concentration, I get no results.

This is a situation we suspect is prevalent in many anti wrinkle creams. While low levels of concentration seem likely with the anti-wrinkle cream you own, more does not fully justify the expensive price that you pay!

Here's an even more significant finding!

Most anti-aging skincare products are overloaded with big name ingredients. While this may sound generously good from having them incorporated in an all-in-one jar or bottle, top skincare formulators will tell you they may NOT work synergistically.

And most products aren't tested for synergy. They are just too expensive!

Yet, if you study those in vivo and in vitro test results, ingredients are tested independently from each other for their performance and results.

The best way to get powerful results with complex ingredients formulation are to keep the formulation simple if we aren’t sure of their synergistic value.

The outcome? They deliver faster results! 

Breakthrough Results With Biotox & Antica Serum

I knew about the anti-wrinkle effect of Argireline as a botox alternative - the preferred choice of Hollywood celebrities. This is despite the fact that there were later generations of peptides that are claimed to be superior. 

I have tested them and I will say stick with Argireline.

And you get excellent results when used with Antarcticine separately. 
(I created the Antica for that reason)

Argireline, together with sodium hyaluronate - which plumps and moisturize the skin, and complex fruit acids, deliver the perfect anti-wrinkle serum.

Next I created the Antica Serum formulated using Antarcticine, a glycoprotein exopolymer.

Antarcticine stimulates formation of collagen type I and IV, which are infant collagen types. Combined with Ubiquinone, Antica Serum has the ability to retain moisture. Hence, its anti wrinkle effect can be dramatic.

Now here lies the "REAL" value every consumer gets.

No company has invested on expensive ingredients in such way - retaining the optimal level of both Argireline and Antarcticine - and keeping their applications apart.

By applying Biotox first followed by Antica, a minute apart from each other followed by your day or night cream, you get optimal results within a week.

For many, within 15 days.

Two powerful peptide serums.

One optimal antiaging skincare solution.

Bringing you these benefits:

  • Retain skin moisture,
  • Boost elastin and collagen growth
  • Prevent and reduce wrinkles
  • Fade fine lines
  • Skin appears smoother, lifted and radiant.

I recommend you try them.

Once you have used the Biotox and Antica Serum, you will realise why they outperform anti wrinkle creams in the market place.

Biotox Serum

Antica Serum

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