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Chiangmai Oasis Spa 

I love ayurvedic massage anytime...and all time if there is a good one available.

And you know what, with most types of massage, you easily find them available at just about every spa. But NOT for Ayurvedic massage.

And unless you are living in Sri Lanka or India, you will be hard put getting a massage rich in the tradition of ayurveda.

In my opinion, the use of warm aromatic essential oil to massage the body has more enhanced therapeutic effect than normal oil massage.

All massage calm the mind, remove toxins from the body and improve blood circulation. Massage leaves the mind and body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

But ayurvedic massage, with its use of warm oil, supports deeper cleansing, allowing the rejuvenating energies of the body to flow freely.

Among asians spas, we found one in Chiangmai Oasis Spa in Chiangmai, Thailand.

We found out the spa has been awarded "Most Recognised Service" in 2007 and has attained the status of "Premium Spas" in Thailand where they are also present in Bangkok and Pattaya.

But are they really good for their Ayurvedic Massage?

I had to experience it for myself.

I booked a 2-hour Ayurveda Package which is priced at 3,900 baht. That's about S$160 or US$110. This consists of Shirodhara which is the slow pouring of warm oil on your forehead to relax you, head massage and traditional east indian style warm oil body massage.

I arranged to have my massage at 8pm which is the last appointment time. I love a massage before the hour of turning in.

True to typical Thai spas, the entrance to Chiangmai Oasis Spa draws an exotic enchantment that will delight any weary visitor.

But you ain't sense nothing yet.....

If the sight of their brochure was what enticed me in the beginning, then I would say the images truly come alive and awaken even the most dull minds as you are ushered, true to Thai hospitality, to your treatment villa. 

I was served Thai herbal tea and was given time to settle down at the spa reception.

I was also asked to fill up a questionnaire that required of me to indicate any pre-existing health problems or allergies. 

My walk to my treatment villa is accented with teakwood walkways and exotic plants that whisper a pampering welcome.

Time kind of stood still the moment I entered the villa. My therapist checked that the aircon temperature is just right for me before ushering me to a private outdoor shower which is adjacent to my villa.

After the shower, I was led to a sitting area where I soaked my feet in warm water in a bowl. My therapist washed and massaged my feet for some 10 mins.

Then it was time for the main entrée of ayurvedic massage....the Shirodhara.

My therapist massaged my face and neck with thick oil. Within minutes, I was overcome by the sedative spell coming from the aroma oil. It smelled of peppermint but it wasn't as I was told.

She worked her hands thoroughly on my scalp, my forehead and at various times, applied soft pressure on what I understand to be chakra points in the centre of my head - the crown chakra, and the area between my brows - the third eye. The whole head massage took about 20 mins.

Then came the pouring of oil on my forehead.

First, she worked across my forehead at eyebrow level, running streams of oil flowing from left to right, and right to left.

Then for some minutes (can't really tell for how long as I was drifting off to drowsiness), the soft pressure of oil came carressing the area between my brows.

After this was over, my therapist continued to massage my head. I could feel my headful of hair thickly soaked in oil.

Then came the body massage.

My therapist began with massaging my feet with warm oil, slowing working her rhythmic strokes upwards to my thighs.

The way the warm oil ran down in trickles down her palms to the length of each of my limbs and body before every massage stroke is just indescribable......its DEEPLY relaxing to say the least.

As I am prone to stomach bloatedness, the way she used warm oil to gently glide her elbows across the contours of my abdominal to improve "chi" flow was satisfying indeed. The positive effect of it was greatly felt after the massage.

After the massage, I was ushered back to the shower. Boy! I have never used more shampoo and body soap in my life. Interestingly, I was given avocado body conditioner to use.

I have taken avocado juice before. However, avocado for use on hair and body?

To my delight, the effect of using avocado on the body leaves a smooth velvety feel on my skin. 

At the end of my ayurvedic massage, I had to ask my therapist some questions.

I had wanted to know why the oil used on my head was not warm but that used on my body was.

According to her, the oil that was applied on my head was thicker and different from that used on my body.

And the reason for not using warm oil on my head was because my skin was analyzed as sensitive. Nevertheless, I would still opt for warm oil on my head.

How would I rate Chiangmai Oasis Spa overall?

I would certainly come back for more as it's only 3 hours flight by Silkair from Singapore!

Chiangmai Oasis Spa is located at 102 Sirimuangkarajan Road.

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Do you know? 

Ayurveda is an ancient healing system from 
India that dates back some 5,000 years or more. 
Ayurvedic massage, for all its widespread popularity, 
comprises only a small part of the holistic science of ayurveda. 

Go beyond ayurvedic massage. 

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