Beginning frequencies

by Collin
(Perry, FL, USA)

Is it important for the binaural audio file you listen to to start out on the same frequency your brain is currently emitting waves at? If I am in an active, awakened, Beta state and begin listening to a Theta binaural tone while laying down and distraction free, will my brain be able to be entrained to those Theta frequencies? Or should I try to relax myself with breathing and other meditation techniques to help guide my brain closer to the theta frequencies before pressing play on the Theta audio tone?

Hi Colin,

That's the beauty of brainwave entrainment over traditional meditation. The very purpose of listening to brainwave entrainment is to allow your brain to gradually entrain to those frequencies.

Whatever the state of your brainwave, it takes about 6 to 8 minutes for your brainwave to be entrained to the entrainment frequency.

So assuming you are now in the beta state, and want to relax at the theta frequency range, your brain will respond to theta in 6 minutes of listening to a theta cd.

But as I have mentioned in my articles, your brain pulses at not one but several frequency range at any one moment. So don't get too caught up into entraining yourself to theta all the time.

Hope this helps....


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