Binaural Beats & Whole Brain Functioning

Binaural beats are sound frequencies used in influencing our brainwave patterns, hence improving our brain functioning.

Their use in brainwave entrainment technology can greatly enhance creativity and intelligence, integrating your left and right brain to function optimally, overcome stress, improve sleep and slow down aging process.

You see increasingly the use of brainwave entrainment technology enabling deep meditation that surpasses traditional approaches to meditation.

Yes! You can actually meditate deeper than what takes a ZEN monk years to develop.

My own meditation has taken on a new depth as a result of listening to brainwave entrainment cd.

The Science Behind Brainwave Entrainment

When sounds of two different frequencies are introduced separately to each ear, the brain will try to make sense of the two differing frequencies to arrive at a reconciliation.

In coming to terms with the two different frequencies, the brain creates a "third" frequency, a binaural beat.

This frequency that the brain creates is actually the difference between the two external frequencies.

For example, if a frequency of 200 Hz is presented to the left ear, and a frequency of 210 Hz is presented to the right ear, the brain "hears" a third frequency pulsing at 10 Hz, the exact difference between the two frequencies.

Now, at 10 Hz, your brainwave is vibrating at an alpha frequency state which is akin to relaxation state, such as while you are reading or in a meditative mood.

The first person who discovered this phenomena of the brain was Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, a physicist in 1839.

Subsequent research has proven that introducing a specific sound wave will cause the brain to begin resonating in tune with the frequency of that wave. This is called the "Frequency Following Response".

In 1973, Dr Gerald Oster, a biophysicist at Mount Sinai Hospital published his research on binaural beats and the frequency following response in Scientific American.

His research paved the way for advanced developments in the area of auditory stimulation to enhance whole brain functioning.

Since then, the use of auditory stimulation has been employed in medical therapy and in the healing process.

Today, brainwave entrainment technology has been endorsed by scores of doctors and scientists around the world.

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