Brain Evolution System
Level One: Transcendence


Here is your mp3 download for level one - Transcendence.

What you will be listening to is the first of 6 levels. When you purchase the Brain Evolution System, you receive the complete set of 6-Levels in a 6-CD course delivered to you.

This free trial grants you the full benefit from listening to level one. Though it is the beginning level, in itself, it is very powerful in dissolving stress and creating potential in you.

No other company gives away a trial with a complete track such as level one. This is equivalent to taking home a brainwave entrainment cd for free at the price of US$70.

This is a reflection of how confident we are that after listening to level one for a week, you won't even want to wait any longer to buy your complete set and listen in their original CD quality.

Listen to level one for 30 days. This applies to each and every new level should you eventually purchase Brain Evolution System.

The whole program is designed to take you to higher levels of brain functioning for peak functioning states.

At all times, listen with headphones or earphones. Allocate a time when you can be alone and undisturbed. I am accustomed to listening in the morning just upon awakening while still lying down in bed or at night just before bed.

Each level last 30 minutes and as the first level - Transcendance, it is created to take you to deep relaxation. You will be entrained to all the brainwave states.

Record your experiences and share with me.

You can only get better and better with use.

You can download the Brain Evolution System - level one by right clicking on this link and "save link as" to your desktop

Finally, you should learn about about the technology behind your use of Brain Evolution System during this period of listening by clicking here.

Have fun!


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