Brain Evolution System Review
My Experience With Level One Transcendence

This is an account, a testimonial of my personal experience with Transcendence, level 1 of the Brain Evolution System.

There is a whole great resource about the Brain Evolution System and if you are interested in knowing the technology and about the neuroscience of brainwave entrainment, click here

My testimonial here is purely experiential and experimental. I have adapted to suit my own listening needs and I share it here.

They are entirely my own experimentation, and by no means an endorsement from the developers of Brain Evolution System. It does not mean that you will experience in the same way that I have. We each have our own unique signature brain waves.

I encourage you to share if you so wish.

I am privileged to write from one who has practiced many traditional methods of meditation. I first wrote about meditation in benefits of meditation. That was an account of my traditional practice that spanned 20 years.

I have only experienced brainwave entrainment in 2007 and I started with Holosync.

From my experience with traditional practice of meditation, and then brainwave entrainment, first with Holosync technology, and now Brain Evolution System, I have this to say:

"If anyone had told me 20 years ago that there were such a technology that can reproduce all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits within a matter of days or months compared to what took me 5 to 8 years of traditional meditation practice to experience, I would without hesitation pay through the nose to acquire this technology."
"My experience with the entry level of Holosync (everyone pays US$198 to begin with) pales in comparison to Brain Evolution System. I have never felt such in-pouring within my very being the blissful feeling of endorphins (the neurochemicals produced in our brain that gives the runner’s high) just with using the entry level one of Brain Evolution System."

Within 5 mins of listening to "Transcendence", I always feel the area around my neck loosen. The tightness just unfolds like petals of a flower opening out. What follows immediately is I begin to breathe deeper.

Then well into 20 mins, somewhere in the centre of my head appears to open up. I feel the rush of rich white pouring of peaceful bliss. Being very aware, I allow myself to merge into the blissful feeling as if nothing ever matters.

When the 30 minutes session ends, I still feel the pervading effects of deep relaxation. So I always allow myself a further 5 to 10 mins just to remain still. I just allow myself to be.

All my sessions are done while lying in bed.

I listen at night, and when I do, I would fall asleep before it ends. That’s all well and good. I wake up early than usual in the morning feeling good.

However, I prefer to listen in the morning upon waking up while still lying in bed. This is when I experience more intensely the rush of endorphins and I presume all the other neurochemicals as well.

I now listen at night and in the morning. I am familiar with all the theory about meditative postures, insisting on sitting upright with spine straight. Let me suggest to you. Forget about these rules of posture. Just be comfortable and meditate.

The whole purpose of meditation is to remain awake at the deepest brainwave states. I can remain awake when I listen to the cd especially when my mind is fresh while listening in the morning!

I have even tried listening twice by repeating the sessions.

Wow! I must say the experience is quite intense. It has a very deepening relaxing effect on me. It literally dissolves my stress away when I have a particularly field day.

The instruction suggest 30 minutes a day. I will recommend any person new to meditation to follow likewise. I think the duration is adequate.

My purpose in repeating the sessions is purely experimental. I am back to just 30 minutes.

One interesting observation I had with listening to the Cd is that after a while, your brain has gotten used to the playback so to speak.

It has become familiar with the entrainment. So I can get distracted with thoughts while listening. The technology still works on me but I may think its effect has kind of disappeared.

When I catch myself full of thoughts, I just bring my attention back to listening. Immediately, I am back into the zone of entrainment.

What have I discovered?

I realize that I can maximize or optimize my session by bringing my attention to the sounds and reaped the most out of the entrainment process when I am mindful of listening.

In other words, I experience more intensity when I listen attentively without strain, of course, than just allowing the technology to work its way for me.

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