Brain Wave Entrainment - switching between brain states.

by Raj Sekhar

Does the product "brain evolution system" enable the listener to activate the gamma brain wave at the listener's will after prolonged use of the above mentioned product?
Does the product "Brain Evolution System" present the listener with the access of gamma brain wave?

Hello Raj,

Gamma brain wave - a state of enlightened experience - is even NOT infrequently accessed by those, such as Tibetan monks, who spend a prolong period their in lives in the practice of meditation.

This must come from their ability to course through their brave states at will - mostly fluctuating between alpha and delta - and gradually as the outcome of their acclimatization, make initial inroads, skirting the peripheral realm of gamma state.

Brain Evolution System does NOT include gamma frequency. Whether that is by design or purpose, I can only say the technology enables you to access alpha to delta states fairly quickly, and until one is so familiar with those states, getting access to gamma is NOT recommended.

I know there are gamma cd available in the market, and I have experimented with it. It is not one you will want to leap-frog into when your brain and nervous system have not consciously acclimatized into the theta and delta waves.

But once acclimatized, accessing gamma state is just a natural progression with or without a gamma aided cd.

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