Brainev Level 1

by Zee

I've been listening level one about 2 weeks. For me it's more than relaxing. Im remembering things from childhood that I totally forgot. It gave me lots of answers to why I am in present reacting to some things and how at that early age I have decided to believe in wrong perception or just as child didn't had whole picture.

Also have very comfortable sensations where brain feels like its opening and sometimes some comfortable tension.

However there was one time scare but I am not sure what happened there. That day I listened 3 times level one. At night when I went to sleep I felt my mind opening so much that my thoughts were echoing in mind and it was such strong pull that terrified me. It felt like if I let that to pull me in I will never go back into consciousness again. I barely got out of that. I don't know what happened. It didn't happen again. Im just enjoying level one, discovering suppressed memories and finding answers.

Hello Zee,

It's nice to hear how you have been able to become aware of and resolve perceptions born of childhood events that have influenced how you react to present events.

Much of our life issues are the result of not been able to see present issues as they really are because we fail to disconnect our past conditioning that bind to the present.

Brainev does jus that. Raise subconscious conditioning to the surface of your mind, allowing you to remember and watch your past. The very watching resolves cellular pain and memories. Thereon, you are liberated from your past conditioning - one by one.

However, your nervous system may be pushed to the edge in releasing all the subconscious issues. This can come about from over-stimulating your system through listening too many times and too long in a single day.

I recommend you allow your nervous system to settle down. Cease listening for a week while your nervous system is allowed to adjust.

Then get back to listening once a day or alternate day.

Trust this helps:)


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