brainwave entrainment and mental confusion

by karim

i was listening for one 2 weeks to the 18 hz beta 5 times per week 1hour each time and take 2days rest but in the 3 rd week when i had to take a medicament to calm the pain of my teeth that all the focus that i have gain and experience go in the air and therefore my mind enter into a state of mental confusion please help me how can i avoid it and when can i start my entrainment again

Hello Karim,

Your inability to focus temporarily could be attributed to the pain you experienced and the medication you took to bring relief to your pain.

I very much doubt your beta entrainment has little to do with your current confusion. Too much obsessive listening to it may trigger hyperactivity but for the description you gave, I doubt so. Both the pain and confusion will pass after a while.

If I may suggest, listening to alpha with theta will help you relax and facilitate your healing of teeth and related nerves.

Finally, even if your interest is to improve your ability to focus, I recommend you obtain a program-based entrainment that combines all the frequency range ( alpha to delta) into your listening.

Too much of listening into beta makes you hyper and can contribute to chaotic thought activity that in turn cause mental confusion.

Hope this helps:)

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