Brainwave Entrainment & Effect On Central Nervous System

by Ann Cook

Will this work if i find it hard to stay awake and my central nervous system and adrenals are poor?


Hello Ann,

At the heart of it all is stress. Back of it all are the incessant thought patterns. The latter impinge on your nervous system and cause overworked adrenals.

Brainwave entrainment has an immediate effect of de-stressing you through raising your threshold for stress after a few days of listening.

You will find supplementing it with abdominal self -massage using a good oil helpful. Focusing your massage on the abdominal will NOT only induce very restful sleep but incremental benefits in your overall well-being especially where they release suppressed emotions.

I will be releasing an upcoming book in Feb 2013, "DNAgetics - Look and Feel Younger Than Your Age ".

It offers an evolutionary approach to helping you overcome conditions like what you are experiencing now.

If you want to be kept in the loop about the book's release, you can find brief information about it on the site .

Hope this helps.

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