Brainwave Entrainment- gamma as a brain wave

by Raj Sekhar

what are the abilities of the brain when it is switched to gamma frequency or frequencies higher than gamma frequecy?
what is the highest brain wave frequency found out
so far?
Is it gamma,lamda or something else?

Hello Raj,

I wish I could answer this question but then it would only be book knowledge :)

And I know a lot of people would love to answer you claiming gurus-ship or guru-status when they are regurgitating from some guru's knowledge.

I am not a fan of gurus. I would rather you be your own guru and seek your own journey and experience. At the same time, stay alert so that you can pull yourself back if you find yourself straying off course.

So stay grounded and explore Brain Evolution System. Keep a journal. Record your perceptions and experiences.

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