Brainwave Entrainment - permanency of the brain states

by Raj Sekhar

Does the use of brainwave entrainment offer lasting effects?

Hello Raj,

The goal of these brainwave entrainment technology tools is NOT about achieving lasting effects as if one consumes sleeping or anti-depression pills.

Like meditation, it's intended use is to help us remember our natural brain states - those states that were once natural and easily accessible to us when we were a child - so that we are able to consciously access, enter, at will to express our full human and spiritual potential.

There is no more important time, albeit an urgent one, to open up our awareness to recognize how we are responsible to one another, to our planet for the constructive evolution of our civilization.

Our perception, hence greater awareness, shift when our left and right brain integrate. Their integration naturally elevates us to a higher order of life and existence that is more mutually inclusive.

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