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Brainwave Entrainment Review 2009

In Brain Evolution System, you have just found the most advanced and effective brainwave entrainment, also called brain entrainment program.

In Oct 2007, I shared about my first experience with Brainwave entrainment, "Natural Stress Relief Through Your Ears".

The use of an external rhythmic stimuli, such as light or sound to entrain the brain to match the frequency of the external stimuli, has been scientifically and clinically proven to produce physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual benefits.

The benefits range from experiencing deep relaxation and improved sleep to improving superlearning, memory and IQ, from dissolving stress to delaying the aging process.

In that article, I had raved about Holosync. Brain Evolution System with its use of 3 Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Processingtechnology had not come to my attention then.

Since the publication of that Oct 2007 online article, I had received numerous request from companies to review their products as well as my visitors asking advice about the myriad of brain entrainment products to choose from in the marketplace.

It is NOW time for a review update.

While this review update is on Brain Evolution System, I will also address, for the benefit of readers, the difference between program-based approach that Holosync and Brain Evolution System are created for - I prefer to call it “The Holistic Approach”- and the “single-need-based ” approach such as those you see on the covers of other audio brain entrainment Cds used for superlearning, or memory or sleep.

In this review, I gather my feedback from 3 groups of people.

The first group comes from clients who enrolled in Life Path DNAgetics.

I always recommend the use of program-based brainwave entrainment in conjunction with "Life Path DNAgetics" or "Re-inventing Your Life" Programs.

Most of these clients have never used brainwave entrainment before.

The second group comes from those who have used "single-need-based" brain entrainment Cd.

Need-based brain entrainment are supposedly designed specifically for one purpose: concentration, superlearning, memory enhancement or relaxation just to name a few. These are usually priced from between $30 - $70 per CD.

The last group is none other than myself.

Since I have experienced traditional discipline of meditation for over 30 years, and have also experienced both program-based and single-need-based audio brainwave entrainment over the last 30 months, I will share the finer distinctions since my last review of 2007.

Brain Evolution System is a program-based audio brainwave entrainment. There are 6 Cds that make up the 6 progressive levels in a single-box set. They come very nicely packaged with full user guide and beyond that, a comprehensive online support and video guide.

You listen to each level for a month and move on to the next progressive level. Try to picture this metaphorically. You are moving to a heavier set of weights with each successive month of exercise.

In this case, the stimulus to your brain gets more challenging. It's all happening naturally to bring you to your awareness of your full human potential.

This review shares the experiences of those who have started using level 1 of 6 levels. Hence, two more reviews will follow in subsequent months to share about the experiences of those who have completed all levels.

Everyone, who began using Brain Evolution System, experienced deep relaxation, improved sleep, greater energy and a clear mind within days of listening.

There are profound experiences among some after few weeks of listening. These range from a new-found sense of optimism and confidence to insights to one's long standing problems.

As a former user of Holosync before, I would have thought the entry level 1 of Brain Evolution System would have little effect on me.

Amazingly, it has a deepening effect on me. I was able to move into relaxation faster just after 6 minutes and the mind becomes unclouded and clear, especially when your mind has been cluttered with incessant thoughts all day.

I could feel that deep rush of endorphins after about 20 minutes into the session, and with that, I was just able to release myself completely into deep relaxation.

Interestingly, I had never experienced such a outpouring of endorphins with the entry level of Awakening Prologue from Holosync that everyone starts with.

I appreciate now the technology differences used in Brain Evolution System and Holosync.

Holosync uses binaural beat entrainment only.

Brain Evolution System applies binaural beat, isochronic and temporal tones in their entrainment process.

You have to experience both to recognise what a vast difference between the processes used by these two program-based audio brain entrainment.

It is interesting to note that many companies will tell you they use binaural and isochronic tones also. But that counts for nothing.

Like making a cake, everyone uses the same recipe. But the minute process that went into making it differs.

In using audio for brainwave entrainment, it is the way you modulate and undulate the use of these tones to work with the brain’s natural rhythmic brainwave frequencies that delivers results.

Brain Evolution System’s use of their proprietary 3P D.E.A.Ptechnology set this distinction apart from all the rest.

Brain Evolution System is priced at US$297 for all 6 levels of development. As a program, it is not only value-for-money compared to Holosync (the latter gets more expensive with each level of purchase).

As a program, it’s technology is superior in delivering results. In other words, you don’t have to spend US$3195 for the entire 12 levels that Holosync charges.

Like myself, the experience of those who have purchased different variety of need-based brainwave entrainment Cds such as for creating wealth, meditation, sleep, learning and memory, confidence, etc is that while they do deliver some levels of relaxation and meditation, the purpose for which they are bought for are just not verifiable.

My experience and understanding is that these products entrain you to a single brainwave state usually using one frequency.

If you want concentration and focus, you buy the Cd that creates beta waves. You want to relax, you buy one that carries alpha frequency wave.

Can’t sleep. Buy a delta sleep Cd that carries delta waves. Need to study and solve problems, listen to theta.

Here’s the problem with these products. They worked against the brain’s natural behaviour. Our brainwaves pulsate at varied rates.

Our brain is dynamic and pulsates at all beta, alpha, theta, delta and for some peak performers, even gamma waves.

When you try to entrain your brain by repeatedly listening to say, a low-range frequency like theta everyday, you will end up feeling depressed!

How is that?

Your brain now is so habituated to staying at theta state because it remembers so well how to lock into that state.

You need to be able to access all brainwaves states to be a fully functioning being.

Program-based brainwave entrainment products such as Brain Evolution System or Holosync are created to respect your brain’s natural functioning.

What they do is progressively help you by stimulating those areas of your brain that are dormant from non-use or due to prolong conditioning such as having lived a stressful life.

Over time, your brain cells, called neurons, begin to fire more and create new neural pathways to communicate more effectively with both hemispheres of the brain.

The outcome is you begin to think better - your thoughts organised and coherent. You manage your emotions better and relate well with others. You become more creative and insightful. Your sleep improved.

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