Brainwave Frequencies Covered on Brainev Level 1

by Albert

I read in your answer to another query that several frequencies are covered in Level 1. Exactly, which ones? And how long are we exposed to each one? Is the purpose of this to increase our ability to switch from one to the other?

Hi Albert,

To answer your last question, you are absolutely correct.

The goal of the Brain Evolution System in each of the levels is to help the brain remember how to switch from one frequency to another.

The benefit of the Brain Evolution System compared to most others is that it doesn't make your brain stuck to any one frequency.

So the goal is to remember how to phase in and out at will.

All levels have variation of beta, alpha, theta and delta frequencies. Level 1 is pretty more alpha- theta compared to the other levels. It is necessary to introduce this at this of the program as most of us have been too pre-disposed to the fast-paced stress-driven lifestyle beta mode. So a recognition of the state of relaxation is the prelude to re-wiring our neuronal network.

As to what duration of each frequency gets incorporated into each level, I am afraid I am unable to ascertain that. I am not the proprietary owners of this wonderful product.

WhatI I can say from experience is that from level 2 to level 6, the frequency range , and thus for that matter, the duration gets shorter. The brain is challenged to register this variation yet prevented from settling down.

Hence, you are "sharpening the saw".

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