Why Building Emotional Wellness
Is Everyone's Responsibility

There is more to building emotional wellness than just mastering your daily moods.

Observe your daily RESPONSE or REACTIONS to life. It speaks volumes of your emotional health. You will come to know if you are building a life or a hell to your personal well-being and future.

Your emotional wellness or emotional health is like a deep well. When the water is clean, it gives life to everyone who drinks from it. When the water becomes toxic overtime, it is not only hazardous to everyone’s health but also corrodes the well overtime beyond repair.

Allow me to share with you an experience that has much to teach us about emotional health.

A lady went to purchase some cookies at a kiosk one evening. She used her credit card to pay. The service crew processed the transaction and forgot to return the card back to her.

By the time the crew noticed her mistake, the customer had disappeared out of sight.

Believing the customer would return shortly, she decided she would keep it safely for her. If not, she would activate the card issuer. Alas, an hour and a half later, the customer indeed returned. To collect her card and vent her fury on the crew.

The lady had earlier gone to a nearby restaurant for a meal. On knowing a discount was offered for payment made with credit card, she was delighted to use it. On discovering her card was missing, she was upset she could not now enjoy a $6 discount.

Fuming mad, she left the restaurant after paying to return to the cookie shop which was in the vicinity. She confronted the service crew while the latter was serving some customers. She went on a verbal tirade for some twenty minutes. Sobbing profusely from the verbal scolding, the crew apologised repeatedly.

The customer demanded $6 be paid to her for her loss immediately. At the same time, in the presence of some customers in the queue, she trumpeted that she earned $40 000 a month and claimed $6 is nothing to her. The crew explained she had no authority to reimburse but would bring her complaint to superior first thing in the morning. The customer insisted the money be paid to her now or the company would receive a letter from her lawyer.

This story certainly makes a good case study for improving customer service.

But it makes an even bigger case for understanding and building emotional wellness.


Because your well being, your health and the health of others and the world-at-large literally depends on your emotional wellness.

We are all inter-connected in spite of our beliefs.

Most of our outburst in life arise from some deeper emotional issues. Such outburst to the circumstance at hand is out of proportion to normal reaction.

Such emotional un-wellness underlies a grimmer problem.

A more worrying ailment in our psyche has been brewing since the beginning of human history - THE SUPPRESSION OF OUR HISTORICAL EMOTIONAL WOUNDS.

Everyday, at home, at work or at play, we can see some part of that customer’s reactions in ourselves.

We can all see our own anger, unhappiness and frustrations, hatred play out in the drama of life.

Everyday, humanity undergoes a state of emotional catharsis.

We can all see our need for healing of our body, mind and innerself. We can see a need for building our emotional wellness.

Our emotional wellness is easily affected by a disturbance in anyone of these aspects - physical, mental, social, occupational, intellectual and spiritual. And each affected part, in turn, affects all other aspects.

Thus, how your day will become is determined by your emotional wellness or un-wellness.

How your emotional health and hence, your life unfolds depends on the sum total of all aspects that make up your emotional well-being.

For example, you wake up with a stiff neck or a backache. Or you are concerned about your financial future. Your work has become too stressful. Life has become dull and mundane. You can’t seem to find a companion. You question the meaning of life.

Conversely, when you feel emotionally well, you co-ordinate well physically, mentally, socially, intellectually and spiritually.

You are in a state of well-being that is sometimes describe as living in the “Flow”.

Do you see now how building your emotional wellness is a journey that demands more than just controlling your feelings or moods?

Building emotional wellness is a commitment to listening and becoming fully aware of what is going on inside you in relation to your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

It involves observing your actions or reactions and tracing its causes or roots deep within you to finding your underlying unhappiness.

You follow the feelings of your reactions and feel deep within you as you ask intently why you behave and feel the way you do.

Such an approach to building emotional wellness is intense, demands alertness and a keen awareness of your thoughts and feelings.

An alternative and faster process of building emotional wellness, hence liberating your emotional wounds is through finding someone whom you can trust, who can be your mirror. Such a relationship must be built upon trust and transparency in facilitating the healing of emotional wounds.

“real teacher of life” is one who have experienced the deepest part of his being and has fewer baggage in life. Such a person can aid in one’s transformation. Such a person lives a life of unconditional love and thus has the capacity to give and liberate one’s inner wounds.

Yet another effective tool I have used and that others have similarly experienced with positive feedback is listening for half hour to Brain Evolution System .

If you keep at listening to this audio sound regularly, it will have a positive cumulative effect on dissolving stress and on building emotional wellness.

Building emotional wellness is about resolving personal and ancient emotional wounds that were once dormant in one’s subconsciousness but have risen to the surface of one’s life.

When properly embraced, resolved and brought to closure, a person feels a renewed sense of emotional well-being which translates into health, vitality and a life of possibilities. 

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