BWE for pregnant women

by Madhura

Why shouldn't pregnant women use BWE tracks ?

That's a good question, Madhura.

Pregnant women have been encouraged to listen to Mozart music, which in themselves, affect brainwaves in general. However, Mozart did NOT create his music to entrain our specific brainwaves.

When it comes to BWE tracks, they are specifically created to affect our brainwaves. They are no longer sounds! Those nature sounds or music you hear on all BWE tracks are sounds that mask the entrainment frequencies.

BWE tracks incorporate a range of inaudible sound frequencies most of which modulate within the range of 1 to 13 hertz - alpha, theta and delta. These are specific frequencies that directly affect the nervous system and brain functions.

BWE tracks are effective only when listened with headphones or earphones.

Mozart and other classical are audible sounds above 20 hertz and can be therapeutically beneficial when play-back with the use of speakers.

Now, though there has been no validation that BWE should not be used by pregnant women, the same reason that it should NOT be used by children below the age of 19 applies as much as to the fetus.

The brain and nervous system of the fetus and the young child should be allowed to develop naturally. They already pulsate these brain states by their very default state.

By influencing their brain states directly using BWE during their formative age or indirectly through the nervous system of the pregnant mother would be over-stimulating their natural sensitivity.

Most of us adults have brainwaves that are entrained by demands of modern life. Hence, we operate at such habitually dysfunctional states - prolong beta states even at rest. Listening to BWE tracks helps to bring us back to a remembrance of those other states we knew as a child that have become dormant in our adult life.

Hope this helps clarify......


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