Continued use of Brainwave Entrainment

by Bryan

I am using brainwave entrainment along with saying positive affirmations to change certain negative beliefs I have. I've been doing 30 minutes of brainwave entrainment along with the list of positive affirmations in the morning and at night. I've been using Alpha in the morning and Theta or Delta or Gamma at night and then switching them around the next day.

You said that brainwave entrainment stimulates parts of our brainwave state that have been dormant for a long time. And that once this happens we don't need to go back to listening to brainwave entrainment. I've noticed this happen with all of the different brainwaves.

Is it doing me any good to continue using brainwave entrainment along with the positive affirmations if my brain has already recognized and been stimulated by all the different brainwaves?

Hello Bryan,

We can look at the entrenchment of a habit such as playing the piano the way we look at the use of brainwave entrainment products.

The first time you play, your brain is just registering your fingers on the notes. Your neurons are creating pathways between your right and left brain to register this. This is the stimulation stage akin to the first few sessions of listening to brainwave entrainment.

After weeks of playing the piano, the effect of continual practice becomes memory to the subconscious. This establishes the retrieval stage whereby your brain now is able to access those areas of potential that was dormant due to lack of use (stimulation).

Finally with continual listening, you come to the stage where you know you can tune in to within frequency range that supports different brain functions.

Most times, you are NOT fully aware you have been accessing what were once dormant brain functions because it just comes as a matter of course.

You begin to realize the positive impact of brainwave entrainment after someone remarks about the change in your personality, attitude and the 'creative spark' that you have been displaying.

This is the time when you can say you will rest listening for a few weeks to months, and then go back to listening again to reinforce.

Finally, on the subject of affirmations, I would rather you allow yourself the joy of listening to brainwave entrainment. As you are listening, instead of affirming pre-conceived affirmations, allow your subconscious thoughts to naturally surface and be aware of them. And let those thoughts clear.

And instead of affirming, feel the core area of your being. You will be surprised you are identifying with far more powerful and all-centric inner affirmations that naturally come forth from your inner core that is your voice for affirmations.

If you have need for affirmations, do it outside of listening to brainwave entrainment. Why?

1. You should be able to tune yourself to alpha or theta states consciously after a period of listening.

2. Then by recognizing the brain state that you appear to be in, introduce your affirmations or dwell on an idea for resolution. This is a good way to hasten your progress.

Hope this helps.

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