Damai Beach Resort
Damai Vacation. Dharma Inspiration

Damai Beach Resort, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Where Sarawak is a potpourri of enchantments; Damai Beach Resort is Kuching’s epitome of enchanted hideaways.

Amidst lush tropical rain-forest, glorious sun, private sandy beach paradise, you would resist leaving this most popular resort for a couple hours steal into Kuching City. Such is its hypnotic spell over you.

We share here our experience of Damai Beach Resort, and an evening sight of Kuching City.

I like the off-peak seasons of Nov/Dec. Not only are the resorts value-for-money, you have the entire resort almost to yourself!

We spent 3 days here in Damai Beach Resort and a mere 4 hours in rainy Kuching City. It is 45 minutes drive between the resort and Kuching City.

Damai Beach Resort

The resort provides scheduled-shuttle bus to take you there for RM20 return transfer.

It’s worth the trip there but let me prepare you; once you set foot on Damai Beach Resort, you are hard put to leave the enchantment for the city.

You will see what I mean.....these photos echo louder than my keypad!

The spell of Damai Beach gifted me, metaphorically speaking, three Dharma inspirations:

Dharma Inspiration No: 2 - Spend a day or two in a hotel in Kuching City first. Then hibernate for the rest of your wellness vacation in Damai Beach Resort.

The vibes that pervade Damai Beach Resort - brainwaves of everyone there, rustling tropical rain-forest, alternating tides of the South China Sea, and little nocturnal creature lullabies – all have a hold over you.

You are unlikely to walk more than 50m from where you are staying to get to the beach.

You could conveniently pick up a snack, a beer or a martini and walk right back to your beach chair.

Even the beach and swimming pool are within sight of our accommodation.

We stayed at the “Superior Pool View” room. Draw the window curtain and you behold the enchantment of the beach (see white building below).

Personally for me, I would prefer staying at the Chalet (above pix) to the “Superior Pool View” room.

It has the feel of rustic lifestyle – quieter, close to nature. It’s away from the restaurant but never away from the beach.

Pay a premium and you can choose to stay at the “Winged-Hill Top”. That is, if seclusion and privacy appeal to you.

You get a breath-taking view of the South China Sea and every spot of the resort.

A little inconvenient though.......

Picture this .....

Breakfast time - take the shuttle bus down or walk the hundredth steps down to the beach en route to the restaurant.

Damai Beach Resort

We love breakfast buffet which starts from 7.30am till 10.30am. We almost never made it for each breakfast!

But the staff are kind. And they have such nice English names on their tags!

And for breakfast, I have to be first at the table to serve “her majesty”!

After breakfast, and a little chat with Joanna about going to Kuching City, its back to my routine of checking emails, managing my online business such as the Brain Evolution System, blogging and twittering .

Damai Beach Resort

I am not what you would describe as living an internet marketer's dream. I live my passion though.

And that is creating my own “Brand of One” online. I write and live my passion of a wellness way of life.

This has become my life, passion and work.

And I get so much satisfaction sharing with people all over the world about "Brain Evolution System" and "Passion Into Profit" . (Did you spot the building in the background? It’s where we stay – the “Superior Pool View” room.)

I am always looking for cool and cozy spots that I can totally be lost in reverie. I alternate between “The Satang Café”, the same place we have our breakfast and the lobby that faces out the sea.

Damai Beach Resort

This is the Satang Cafe. This is the view across.

Lovely, isn't it?

If I am not out there at the beach in the morning, then I am found here with my cuppa.

Incidentally, they don't serve good coffee here.

But that's OK. I love sitting here gazing out at a wide-angled view of the beach and the lovely people out there.

Damai Beach Resort

Oh yes! You will want to enjoy a stunning view of Damai sunset over a martini or sparkling wine at the ‘Clifftop Pool Terrace’.

I have said that you would be hard put to leave the resort for few hours.

The motivation for exploring outside is because we had heard so much about fresh seafood, Sarawak’s pineapples and durians, “Sarawak Kolo Mee”, their signature dry noodle.

Dharma Inspiration No: 3 – Word-of-mouth is indeed powerful. Once it gains momentum through the grapevine, it becomes next to impossible to undo.

And so we were told “Lim Seafood Restaurant”, an unassuming restaurant that is 20 mins away from the resort.

Lim’s Seafood Restaurant” is the choice recommendation - from the taxi driver who brought us to the resort to the resort staff.

But is that so?

How is that no one ever mentions “Top Spot” at Kuching City, right across the Grand Marcherita Hotel.

We have tried both!

And you can take it from us. Here is what must pass for word-of-mouth if “Top Spot” is to make it through the grapevine.

Go where the locals go. They know better. It tastes better! And it cost lesser!

Damai Beach Resort

Here is a snap shot of “Top Spot” where the entire 6 floor is lined with seafood stalls.

Oh! Here’s another tip: if you should need a taxi to take you elsewhere after your meal, the stall owner will gladly oblige to call a taxi for you.

No surcharge!

Damai Beach Resort has the shuttle bus that takes you to Grand Marcherita Hotel. For RM20, it includes the return transfer, also meeting point at the same hotel.

While waiting for our return trip, we couldn’t help being drawn to the romantic sight of the Malay Village just across Sarawak River.

If you sit at the alfresco bar of Grand Marcherita Hotel, this is what enchants - the river view.

That’s the highlight of our four hours at Kuching City - seafood at Top Spot, window shopping at nearby “Parkson” and Grand Marcherita Hotel.

So have I missed out something?

Dharma Inspiration No: 1

It struck me on the first day of arrival from Kuching airport to Kuching City as my taxi took us on our 50 minutes drive en route to Damai Beach Resort.

You can’t help feeling your own brainwaves being entrained to the brainwaves of its people.

You morph to the island's pulses.

People go about their work. There is hardly the horned-crazy rush of vehicles. You hardly witness to anxious faces. Things get done but one at a time.

And you do get the undivided attention of anyone you seek.

But in a country like Singapore, and this equally applies to all developed and advanced economies, you notice an insidious syndrome that creeps into the mind of everyone - attention scarce syndrome.

People hardly have any time for anything or anyone outside of work. And their brainwaves pulse in a state of anxiety and irritation.

Resorts do help. Spas do calm the nerves. But if they want to do one up better, they ought to experience the Brain Evolution System.

While I may not always be able to recharge at Damai Beach resort, Brain Evolution System helps me restore my physical, mental and emotional balance.

So Dharma Inspiration No: 1 – Your brainwaves are affected by the mass brainwaves of your environment. Take control of your mental states for they affect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Here again you can pass this Dharma through the grapevine.

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