Spa Energetics
A New Evolution in Spa Wellness

Quantum Wellness TCM

You can look younger than your age.

You can burn body fat and lose weight naturally. But you have to begin with being healthy FIRST!

But it seems strange that to be well and vibrant, one has to huff and puff to health or consume the next MLM health supplement and nutrition fad!

Spa Energetics has NONE of that!

In the wellness sanctuary of a spa, a whole new frontier in spa massage therapy works to re-align your body's invisible energy network and system to balance and harmony.

When you begin this as your beginning steps to health and wellness, then all the running and supplement that you partake becomes beneficial.

Quantum Wellness TCM is one such spa energetics (spa massage therapy based on the 5 Element Cycle).

It restores YOU to health and wellness first. Weight loss then comes spontaneously.

That's the wonder of this treatment. Natural, no pills, no machines. Just hands-on therapy.

What is required on your part is easy and all do-able. The initial results will only motivate you to maintain this program.

Detox & Weight Loss

AHI Oriental consists of some 19 Chinese herbs and essential oils specially formulated for massage to deliver wellness and weight loss unique to Quantum Wellness TCM.

Together with massage, cupping, acupressure and heat that make up the entire massage protocol, they activate and restore Yin & Yang and Wuxing harmony (internal organs functioning) in your body, thereby inducing spontaneous weight loss.

Your abdominal is more than a bulging belly. Your abdominal is a power hub that connects to your five major organs - lung, heart, kidney, spleen and liver.

In TCM parlance, these organs are connected by Meridian Channels invisible to the naked eye.

These channels allow for the flow of energy and 'fluid' to your major organs. Experienced meditatators and Qi Gong practitioners can perceived this movement of energy and 'fluid'.

In TCM, 'fluid' is not just liquid blood but a more subtle essence in blood.

Quantum Wellness TCM for weight loss comprises a sequence of massage, acupoint pressure, AHI Oriental and heat to the abdominal.

This process works synergistically to stimulate specific energy points along your meridian channels.

Your body is enabled to lose weight through Quantum Wellness TCM because the treatment supports healthy functioning of your internal organs, which in turn, clear fats and water retention.

This distinct approach via working on the body's energetic system sets itself apart from other weight loss programs.

Click here for a full review of my experience with Quantum Wellness TCM for weight loss.

UPDATE: Oct 2011

Ever since AHI inception in June 2009, we have been
inundated with request for MORE info on Quantum Wellness TCM.

We are pleased to present a video clip of this therapy.

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