Do You See What I See?
Our Next Step In Human Evolution

Originally published in 1975 
Revised, Updated, Expanded in 2009

A Review Of Edwin Carl Smith's Book

We go through transitions in life.

We pass through transitions from childhood to adolescent to adulthood. We recognised these changes in our physiology and in our psychology. We have established knowledge to inform and guide us through these stages.

We also pass through transitions in life that existing knowledge seem inadequate to the task of helping us navigate. These transitions can be radically life-changing and are known as paradigm shifts.

Paradigm shifts are changes in our consciousness. You are conscious of changes in your perceptions. But you have no real understanding as yet other than they seem to be changing the way you view your life and reality.

These are changes in our awareness of ourselves, and rather disquietedly, in our relationship to life and to reality. In short, your emerging reality of yourself is becoming at odds with current, established and shared reality of the masses.

These changes can arise in anyone regardless of age, education or culture. As a matter of fact, these changes in our awareness, in our sense of reality, are emerging increasingly among people all over the world.

You and I would need to acknowledge and adjust to this new reality. What we are now experiencing can be described as 'transitional passages'. We are 'feeling our way' to this new reality.

The transitions we are going through foreshadow a paradigm shift from the present evolution of a mind-based reality to a spirit-based reality.

You and I need to meet the challenges of what this emerging reality offers for all of us.

Our cumulative history, religious and cultural themes, and education in the arts and sciences grapple with this paradigm shift we find ourselves in.

We need more than just a new language of life and living to help us navigate without fear to this new reality that is COMING at us.

"Do You See What I See?" by Edwin Carl Smith is one of the few authentic books that I have come across that is a gift to humanity.

This book accounts, addresses and helps you navigate through what I have described above as the transitions we will go through as well as for those who are going through now.

I call it a gift because it is written from the author's own personal experience of his paradigm shift that led to the publication of the book in 1975.

I call it a gift because in 2002 (27 years after its publication) , I chanced upon this book in the local library (Singapore) at a time when I was going through a plateau in my life (paradigm shift).

This book helped me see and understand the shifts in my consciousness that I began to experience for some years prior to 2002.

It enabled me to adjust, to navigate and to embrace my own evolution up to now.

But back then, the 1975 original manuscript of "Do You See What I See?" was written conveniently for those who have some background knowledge in spirituality. So the book was, in a sense, most appropriate and useful for those who have at least some familiarity with what is known as the 'path'. Hence, it was appropriate for me.

However, Edwin acknowledged, as you can read in the new preface to the newly revised, updated, expanded 2009 ebook of the same title, that while he had experienced his own paradigm shift in 1975, he struggled with the words to describe his experiences, let alone his understanding of what was going on with these changes.

34 years to 2009, as a result of subsequent encounters with his evolutionary shifts, Edwin Carl Smith finally has the clarity of words, the understanding and intelligence from the depths of consciousness, to re-write "Do You See What I See?" for a wider audience who are grappling with changes in and to their lives.

This new 2nd Edition of "Do You See What I See?" comprising 154 pages is available only in ebook. I have read through this edition and I can say this new edition surpasses the original 1975 print edition in scope and clarity.

In this ebook, Edwin shares about this new emerging reality "Ecos" and how you can embrace it. He describes how we are shifting from a mind-based to spirit-based paradigm in 'Ecos' in our human evolution. And he shares a way to align ourselves to this shift effortlessly.

The result and eventual experience is a life of health, wellness and intelligence lived in being fully human; fully alive to life in 'Ecos'.

When you read "Do You See What I See?" for perception rather than for knowledge, you cannot agree more that each of us holds the future to what we want to make of our world. 

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